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Sunday, 13 June 2010

I've been having wardrobe issues recently. I estimate a good 50% of the stuff I own is either cardigans or jumpers and although the pretty frock collection is ever increasing, I don't want to spend the entire summer in dresses. So in the spirit of being organised, I made myself a little try-on list and headed off to the retail park yesterday morning to see what worked.

Things I concluded:
  • Shorts do not suit me, in any cut, length or style.
  • Pale coloured linen trousers make me look pregnant
  • I am too short for cropped trousers to look good, unless they are sort of knee length and then they just look a bit too much like boy shorts for my liking.
  • I am hovering between a 14 and a 16 on my lower half so there's not much point buying anything for a while anyway!
  • I can't stop spending money. Really, I must get a grip. Some of the things I bought were exchanged for some shoes that had to go back but even so, I went out with the full intention not to buy anything and utterly failed.

I'm not going to show you pics of the stuff I did buy because I've realised just how many of those posts I've been doing recently and it shames me a little. Tut tut. I will show you two of the things though because I ended up wearing them later that evening in sort of vague homage to England. I don't do football shirts or obvious/tacky representations of my patriotism but a little red and white is good for the soul. While I'm on the subject, if you don't like footy, you don't like footy; you don't have to pretend just because it's the national team! Sorry but it irks me. And for the record I love football so will be mostly be found in front of a tv screen for the next 3 weeks.

T shirt - Gap
Skirt & pumps - Dorothy Perkins
Marauding cat - Oscar!

I think I'll be channeling this look quite a lot over the summer. I wonder about my brain sometimes - I was bemoaning my upper arms (I won't have them out on show, I just won't) and wondering about whether I'd be stuck in cardis all summer and then remembered that tshirts exist. Not quite sure how I'd managed to forget entirely about such an obvious piece of clothing, but there you go.

Also, I'm rather liking Gap. I genuinely don't think I've been in a Gap store for about 10 years - it's just not a place that enters my shopping radar - but I walked past it on the way to get the Saturday paper and popped in. Well, I was impressed. Lots of lovely stuff and super helpful staff. Admittedly some of the clothing is on the classic side of things (ie dull) and perhaps a little bit more expensive than I would usually go for but this tshirt is fab and wasn't pricey. Might go back and get it in blue once I get paid. You may notice that I've taken everyone's advice about horizontal stripes!


  1. Good to have a list of what works/what doesn't - but do reassess this every so often. I hadn't work shorts for about 20 years (thought they were the devil's work) until 2 months ago when I picked up a pair for £5 in the New Look sale - now I'm addicted!

    Gap has some nice stuff and that T-shirt is lovely. They do 30% off vouchers quite a look -usually can be found on MSE, worth looking out for.


  2. What an inspired and fabulous outfit to show off your footie allegiance!
    Sarah's right, there's nothing wrong with knowing what does and doesn't suit you but it's always worth reassessing and pushing the boundaries every now and then.

  3. I find it really hard getting bottoms, which is why i always go back to dresses in the end. Have you tried on culottes? i really don't suit shorts but love my culottes, they are much more flattering as they look more like a skirt.

  4. Cute look!And I agree with the first 2 comments!I'm very strict with myself on what suits-having big bazookas means not much!

  5. All I see in that list is don'ts - lets get some positive things added to it! :) :)

    Love the top btw! And cute kitty! xxx

  6. Love your nautical/patriotic look! Is definately worth perservering with shorts, you never know you may one day come across the perfect pair!

  7. Gap is excellent for striped tees - I have so many from there now! Their 3 for 2 offer makes them quite good value too.

    Love your subtly stylish patriotic look. Definitely one to repeat! :) x

  8. I like the tee shirt on you! I'm still trying to work out what suits me, think I always will be!
    The vintage fair was at the John Moores Student Union if that makes any sense (I was just following Mr F!). Are you on Facebook? Search 'Liverpool's big vintage fair', they are promising another one soon.


  9. I like your subtle nod to the england team, much better way to do it. And its definitely good to give everything a go and then rule things out. x


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