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A spot of shopping

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Erk, a helicopter appears to be trying to land in the back garden - what's that all about??! The windows are shaking!

Hmm, it's gone now. And after that slightly unconventional opener I shall return to my usual Thursday night pursuits of watching political tv (and ranting about what a hideous specimen of humanity Kelvin McKenzie is. Dear god I loathe and detest that man), doing lots of dull online surveys and fretting about my weigh in tomorrow morning as I've been a right old bloater this week.

A not so usual Thursday night pursuit for me is shopping, but today I took advantage of the nice weather and a lack of any other plans and went for a wander round town after work. I've already been shopping once this week (met up with the wonderful Char in Chester on Monday and bought some pretty things) so it's really very unlike me to go again. But when you make the schoolboy error of reading a hanger in Primark rather than the actual label, things have a nasty habit of being 2 sizes too big and need to be taken back. Hands up who can go into Primark to return something and not end up buying anything else? Not me, that's for sure.

Purchases included:

I am SO pleased I found these. I've been after some black glads/sandals for ages now and have had such a bother finding a pair. Admittedly I am fussy as I don't like styles that have too much around the ankles or excessive studding or buckling, but really there does seem to be a lack of choice when it comes to black sandals. A pair can be perfectly nice in tan and then horrible and shiny and tacky in black. Tis odd. Anyway, these are suede and lovely. Plus they had none left on the rails and I managed to track them down after some extreme rummaging on the floor under a heap of old crap which pleased me greatly.

The exchanged dress and a pretty comfy top.

Hope you're not offended by a pic of scanties! L-R, some cute polka dot pj's, green bra & pants set & a basic vest.

I'm equally powerless to resist the clarion call of a 20% off everything in Dorothy Perkins offer so went in for a good hunt round. I may have potentially found a dress for my cousin's wedding but wimped out of buying it (maybe later) and went for the sensible option of some new leggings, a fab stripy cardi which I've forgotten to take a pic of but it's this one , and some sale jewellery:

Also picked up a really nice simple black dress in H&M but guess what? Turns out I'm not a Large anymore as it swims on me! So that's another trip to town to return it then - this shopping malarkey is tiring me out!


  1. I feel a visit to Primani for a pair of those delish sandals. Damn good find. Nice to see someone elses undies!!!(You know what I mean-pink pants!). Living in our "salubrious" neighbourhood, we are forever having the police helicopter hovvering around-not as often as when we first moved here, thank goodness.
    Z xx

  2. Yay,goodies!The swapped frock looks lovely!
    (not offended by scanties at all)

  3. Got to love the 20% off at Dorothy Perkins, if only it was permantley on!

    Never TRUST Primarks hangers. I have never got home and realised it, but I have been in the queue about to pay and had many a hope dashed.

    I like the patterns on the Primark dress and top :)

  4. Love those suede glads! Hate the whole 'size on hanger and label size difference' drama that seems to occur in most shops!

  5. Gorgeous sandals and you have such pretty feet!
    Helga's right, that swapped frock is indeed lovely.

  6. What a great haul Alex. Your tootsies are very well pedicured - you put me to shame! Lovely sandals and great that you're down a size in H&M too - you've done so well.

    One of my good friends has recently moved from Harrogate to Chester, hoping to visit soon. I'll be calling on you and Char for ideas about where to go and what to do.


  7. Those sandals are definitely not in my local Primark! Because believe me, I would've snapped them up! They're gorgeous :) I've been on the look out particularly for sandals recently - my problem is that I have to NOT have a toe-post, & so many of them have toe-posts it's unbelievable!

    I have to return some things tomorrow to Primark & H&M - so we'll see what I come back with!

  8. I have that dress and those sandals! They are so comfy. Great buys! x


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