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Thursday, 24 June 2010

I was tagged by the truly fabulous Helga to reveal the contents of my bag so here goes! You should probably know that it's had a bit of a tidy up for the purposes of this post as it's usually crammed to bursting point with old receipts and general crap.

Firstly, the bag. My trusty Kookai leather bag - £60 about 8 years ago which was a LOT for me to spend. Still is really. I don't understand how people can pay hundreds of pounds for handbags - I was pushing it with this one, but it's proper leather and it's lovely and lasting so well.

And the contents:

An Edward Monkton notebook and my diary (with a wodge of printed maps for next week's trip tucked inside). I never go anywhere without a book or two so here's a typically varied choice - a historical biography and a Worst Witch book. Oh how I love children's books. A random cd (no idea what's on it but I have a feeling it's work related), a flash drive and a selection of pens.

The essentials - a brolly, my phone, hairbrush and bobbles, dry shampoo, keys, purse (John Rocha) and spare keys which I totally forgot to give to the person who's on Oscar feeding duty while I'm away. If you've got good eyesight, I'm the fat one on the right hand side of the photo keyring!

Random junk that's accumulated in one of the inside pockets - receipts, pearl headband/necklace, silver sixpence, a couple of rings, owl necklace, bobble and hair clips.

And my makeup bag. It does all fit inside that little bag, honest! I seem to be the go to girl at work when it comes to needing Nurofen so I'm always stocked up with that, plus Zovirax to ward off the dreaded coldsores. Oh and some Gaviscon, classy eh? I don't think I've got the energy to list all the various makeuppy bits unless there's a general clamour for it - let me know if you're interested! I cart it round with me all the time but the only thing that's an absolute essential is the moisturiser. Makeup gets put on when I can bothered and definitely not every day.

So that's my bag! If anyone else fancies a go, please do - I'd love to see what you carry round with you every day.


  1. Wow you fit a lot in the make up bag!!
    Love the EM notebook. And I think the random junk section is identical to mine! haha!

    X x

  2. I love your bag! I love these bag posts, I do feel a little naughty rifling through your stuff! I carry medicine too and everyone comes to me for stuff at work! I would be quite ashamed to show my junk I think, my bag is massive and I can't be without it all!
    Kandi x

  3. I don't understand the whole bag thing either. The most i've ever paid is about £20-£30, but I am on the lookout for a new one atm, but just haven't seen anything that has taken me.

    I love childrens books. :)x

  4. That bag is gorgeous. I once saved up the money to buy a Chloe bag but when it came to it, i just couldn't spend that amount on a handbag! x

  5. i agree that i would never spend hundred on a bag!
    i would much rather find a cheaper alternative
    that bag is lovely though
    belle xxx

  6. Cool I did one of these a while back


    Sal xXx

  7. I love seeing what's in other bloggers bags. Yourr bag is really gorgeous.

  8. Love Edward Monkton - I've just had an email from Campus Gifts (which I bought a lot of my Christmas presents from last year) about a big Edward Monkton sale - definitely going to check it out!

    If I wasn't so lazy, I'd do this post.. but I am. I'm sure I'll get round to it one day..!

  9. That is SO amazing that all of that fits in your makeup bag! Ha! It seems like there must have been some Harry Potter magic going on there (think expanding tents!) hehe :) But I adore your purse and your diary is so charming! It looks beautiful!

  10. You have a very organized system! I sometimes look in my bag and wonder when it all snuck in!!

  11. i do believe you don't have to spend a huge amount of money to have a perfectly good quality bag. i agree that spending £60 on a bag is a lot of money! i love these posts i am so nosy hehe. and it's reminded me that i need to carry ibuprofen around with me more often.

  12. Fab Kookai bag. Wow - you seem to fit a lot in. Watch those shoulders though - don't lug around too much in a shoulder bag, it can lead to back problems. xx

  13. That bag was indeed a very good buy and you manage to fit so much in it! xx

  14. love this post! it appeals to my general nosiness :)


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