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Monday, 21 June 2010

It seems like ages since I've done an outfit post. I think I was at that stage in the laundry cycle where nothing is clean and ironed and I was barely fit to be seen out, let alone be photographing myself. But you will, I'm sure, be pleased to know that I spent practically all weekend ironing and the wardrobe is now stuffed to bursting point.

The perils of food allergies eh? I went out for a meal last night en famille to celebrate Father's Day and I appear to have inadvertently eaten something with milk in it. And because my body is deeply odd, I don't just have a really sore stomach and insanely low energy levels today, I am also all bloaty and have a fat face. Why milk makes my face fat is something I will never understand but trust me, it's annoying! Especially when I am trying to be deeply good and turned down all sorts of deliciously tempting treats, only to be scuppered by something that I thought was fine. Argh!

Dress - New Look
Cardi - Primark
Scarf - gift
Earrings - gift (I think they're from Accessorize though)
Sandals - Dorothy Perkins

In hindsight, perhaps a jersey dress was not the ideal thing to wear when trying to conceal my stomach. The wardrobe situation is odd this week though and I'll be in all sorts of peculiar/dull outfits because I'm packing all the nice stuff for two separate trips next week. Yes, I'm an OCD packer - I'm not going for days but things have to be sorted out far, far in advance of the actual date.

I think the time has well and truly come to get rid of the Birkenstocks. Just because something is green is no reason to keep it. They make stupid farty noises, they aren't comfy, they're quite ugly and I don't really know why I bought them in the first place. Silly things. Or perhaps just silly me for buying them when I never really liked them that much.


  1. The earrings are from Accessorize - I have some too and LOVE them!! Hope you stop feeling all bloaty and horrible soon

  2. I totally sympathise with the food allergy crap - I have similar, never-ending problems & it's utterly shite!

    I love the colours you're wearing today :)

    Thanks for the comment - what did you buy, what did you buy?!?!

  3. hey my dear sorry for my late reply to your question! dont mind you asking at all :) my glasses are Mui Mui. I got them from an over priced glasses boutique in Belfast. lol x

  4. You look very pretty despite your malaise, that colour suits you so much.


  5. I'm an OCD packer too!
    Pretty outfit,pretty colours,and I really love the earrings!xxx

  6. You look lovely. I also love the earings a lot

  7. The jersey dress looks like it's skimming your stomach just right, so I think it's a good choice! Maybe time to ditch the Birkenstocks if they're making farting noises though... My mum swears by them an has about 48693 pairs but I never got it.

  8. Hate packing with a vengeance! I keep putting it off until Jon sends me upstairs with a cup of tea like a naughty schoolgirl and forbids me to return until it's sorted.
    Sorry about the allergy, you still look lovely and the colour really looks fab.

  9. Those colours are lovely on you.
    Farty birkenstocks, love it. I had to bin my white ones as the dog chewed one heel so they looked rather trampy.

    Sucks about the allergy, I have IBS and I can totally feel your pain. Not fair.

    X x

  10. Sorry about the food allergy, thats awful but you can't tell anything from your picture, you look lovely. The colours are really nice on you.
    I'm awful for packing. Super organised for most things but loathe packing. For our London/Paris trip it was done about 2 or 3 hours before we left... oops!

  11. Sorry to hear your suffering :( Blues and greens really suit you!

  12. I loved your description of why you should get rid of your shoes; don't we just make the worst excuses for keeping things. Kudos to you for recognizing when a shoe is not doing you any favors!
    I hope you feel better soon!

  13. Ah I wish I was like you with packing. I literally pack the morning of my flight.. haha. I guess I like the stress :S
    Argh, food allergies suck. I react to so many things and the dr's are just like "Don't eat that then"... Dairy, raw capsicum, MANGO. Some make me wanna chuck - some I can eat cooked? I dunno. It's crap. So I totally sympathise.

    Those colours look awesome together btw :) And seriously... if those birkenstocks (what are they btw? I'm clueless haha) arent comfy ditch them. Life's too short. Love the earrings... sometimes I wish I had my ears pierced.

  14. i love your dress, its a gorgeous colour & you look great! :) oh no, i hope you get over your allergic reaction & start to feel better soon! enjoy your trips too!

  15. Oh dear, I hope you're feeling better!
    Loving the outfit - the colours are fabby! :) xx

  16. Looking lovely - the colours really suit you!

  17. Love the Birkenstock analysis! As for food allergies, I'm allergic to prawns and yes swelling is a problem, tongue and all over for me if I was to accidentally ingest and then 3 mins to get adrenalin in me!

    It is a good idea to pack ahead, I need to do this this weekend.

    On the blouse front - yes HOW expensive is the Chloe one! Topshop and Ted Baker will have lovely equivalents xx

  18. I adore your scarf!! It's the perfect lightweight pastel colored summer scarf! :)

    I'm sorry about the food allergies, I know how you feel! I sometimes have really weird reactions to it and it's the worst feeling ever being bloated. Blah. But the fact that you were able to still look cute is very admirable :) I can't say I could do the same!

    Thank you always for your comments. You are so nice and much too kind ;)


  19. A few folks I know have a milk intolerance (not dairy, just milk oddly). Think soya's ok for them but not sure. Oh do think twice before chucking the Birkies - they look cute. xx

  20. Ah, damn and blast that milk! Sneaky little bugger.

    I love the mix of blue and green in your outfit. x

  21. You look lovely, I love the blue and green colours together :) xxx

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  23. Great outfit & beautiful earrings! Love the blue :)

  24. Loving the blue green color combo.


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