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Huzzah and hurrah!

Sunday, 6 June 2010

The big car boot sale has started up again. It's within walking distance and it's open from the very Sunday morning friendly time of 10am. So off I trotted this morning (in the rain) and bagged the following beauties. Jolly exciting stuff as I've always been cursed by not being able to find plus sized nice stuff in car boot sales/charity shops and now I don't have that problem, hurrah!

I realise this may be a bit mad to be to everyone's taste but I love it! It's from Kookai and is going to thoroughly brighten up those dull autumn & winter days.

Pretty Zara kaftan/dress and a H&M top - both a bit snug at the moment but I expected that, and for 50p each you can't go wrong!

Well hello there beautiful New Look frock! Brand new, never worn, only £3? Muahahaha says Alex as she stuffs it in her bag and scampers away.

Brand new cute shoes, only 50p.

I am a board game and jigsaw geek, it's true.

And lots and lots of lovely books, all laid out on a handy Red or Dead canvas shopper with a fab print on it. If you haven't already got one, pop down to a Cancer Research shop and get one!

Sorry if my recent posts seem to be entirely consumerist!
Here's a quick peek at yesterday's outfit as today's was nothing to write home about. I'm not entirely sure about the hat - I have a massive head so I've got in the mindset that I don't suit hats and now, even when I try on one I like, I'm never quite sure if I just look silly or not.

Dress & cardi (which I know has featured a lot recently but I do take it off sometimes, honest) - Primark
Glads - Tesco
Hat - pinched from Dad
Bangles - birthday gift


  1. Oh I do love a car boot sale and that Kookai coat is a stunner. What great buys, well done!
    PS I think your dad's ex-hat has a twin living in our house!

  2. Oh wow, that coat is beautiful, what a find

  3. The Kookai coat is lovely and so is the long green dress. Bargains galore! Well done you. xx

  4. I love that coat it's beautiful, all the other bits are beautiful too I really love that kaftan dress. You lucky thing.
    Kandi x

  5. Love that Kookai coat!! I think I need to venture down to the car boot sometime!

  6. i LOVE your green dress! its such a fab shade!! :)x

  7. What amazing purchases! I'm jealous you have one so close to you! x

  8. LOVE the hat! LOVE it! Please wear it more, it really suits you.

    Also, LOVE the coat! What a fab find. Well done Alex! :) xx

  9. You got some great things there at that car boot - I wish I had one in walking distance - I've really caught the bug of wanting to go but I've got no one to go with (& don't drive y'see).

    Anyway, that Kookaii coat is bloody gorgeous.

    Right, you can get out your head right now that hats don't suit you - coz that looks great! Wish I could pull off something like that! I like it even more because it was your Dad's :)

  10. Great finds - love the coat!
    And you look gorgeous in that outfit - the hat is very cool indeed! :) xx

  11. Such great finds at the carboot sale, especially the Kookai coat, how lucky you are! Oh how I wish we had these carboot sales where I lived:)

  12. Huzzah indeed doll!You did well,the coat is awesome and the floral frock is to die for!The shoes,the games,the top AND the green frock are amazing,not to mention all those books!GOAL!!There is nothing like the thrill of the kill!!!
    I think that hat is real cute!I'm a bit scared of hats,don't really like them,but AM habouring a fancy for a bowler.But I'd probably never wear it?!x

  13. Wow, you seriously got some great finds!! I love that coat so much; I would wear it just hanging around the house. =) I need to get myself to some trunk shows.
    Thank you for your comment. The exhibit was very sad for me, but also beautiful at the same time.

  14. Oh my god I am SO jealous of your amazing finds!! You have such better car boot sale luck than me.
    And the hat looks lovely :) xx

  15. Wow... Great finds! I really love the New Look dress!

    clothed much, a modest fashion blog

  16. I really need to get myself to a car boot sale! It always rains whenever I want to go to one though hehe

  17. Love your new New Look frock!

  18. That green dress is absolutely gorgeous, I love the colour and style!

    Thank you for your comment on my blog, it was such a nice surprise!

  19. OH MY GOD! I just realized we have the same blog background! :)

  20. I think a visit to this car boot sale is in order. lol. Everything looks unique and individual - sets you apart from the "Trendy folks", which is a very Good thing. The frock's colours - so summery, too;-)

  21. i love your outfit, the dress is so pretty & the hat DOES suit you & is the icing on the cake for the whole ensemble! great finds at the car boot too! you're not alone in loving board games haha, but i'm curently obsessed with scrabble on my iphone!! :)


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