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Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Vix requested a close up of the piggy banks which show up in the background of some of my outfit pics and whilst I was photographing them I thought why not take a few more snaps. I'm not a particularly materialistic person; as long as I have books and cats and a cosy bed I'm quite happy. Having said that, I'm not a minimalist either. I like to surround myself with quite a lot of stuff. Here are some of the little things I love the most:

The piggy bank collection all started with a wonderful smiley face one. Alas it broke during the last house move and is no more, but owning that made people start buying me them. The big green pig was a gift from my dad, the camouflage one from my pal Lee, the name one and shoe one from my Mum. I bought myself the mushroom and Paddington boxes. The latter was from a tremendous shop in Liverpool called Utility which stocks all sorts of wonderful goodies. (The big gold A is from a salvage yard and apparently came from an old pub sign)

I often think I could quite happily live in a bookshop. I live surrounded by books as it is. There are shelves full of them everywhere, stacks at the bottom of the bed, piles dotted around the house. I've blogged about them here but the shelf in the above picture is my comfort shelf. I've read them all again and again (except The Great Roxhythe which is just dire) - you can probably tell by the state of some of them. Although I should point out most of the damage was done by previous careless owners and I'm a very good book owner and don't bend pages or break spines or suchlike.

Possibly the most beautiful shoes I own. These live tucked away in my wardrobe like the fragile and precious creatures they are, wrapped in tissue paper and sharing shelf space with my other IC heels. They don't mix with the common shoes.

Oscar, obviously.

And Toby Bear. Right, no mocking the 27 year old for still having a teddy bear, ok? He has a colourful history - many years he was the last bear in the shop and was rescued on Christmas Eve as he was lonely and dangling from a hook on the ceiling. (In deeply curious coincidence and all due to the randomness of the internet, I am now friends with the person who climbed up the ladder to unhook him, who then also turned out to be my next door neighbour when I was 1!) I like to imagine that he has a crazy life when I'm out at work.

(note - I do not promote ursine over-indulgence in banned substances - it's cornflour)

Ah, my beautiful hatboxes. A hat that would fit on my ginormous noggin would no way fit in them as they're not that big but I find them just the right size for stashing hair bands etc and bangles in. I've had them for years and they've suffered a bit from sun damage but the pattern is just as beautiful as ever. Makes me dream of being a grand Regency lady...


  1. So many pretty things to comment on, yet all I can think about are those shoes..
    Wow. Those shoes.
    Those shoes are bloody gorgeous. So gorgeous in fact, that I just had to scroll back up, mid-comment, to look at them again. Beautiful!

  2. Cute piggy banks! :)I like the big green one with the star on it.
    ♥ Jess x

  3. hahaha teddy does drugs!!
    I just want to cry over how stunning those shoes are!!!ARGH! I love them!!
    And darling Oscar,what a snuggly little beastie he is!
    I have my teddy...somehwere.I'm actually a bit freaked by stuffed animals these days.Not sure why.

  4. Lovely post its great to see your bits and bobs, your shoes are far to posh to mingle with the others, I swooned when I saw them!
    Kandi x

  5. What a brilliant post! I'm not surprised those shoes are too posh to mingle with the others, they are divine.
    Love the piggy moneyboxes and the golden A - those letters are always featured in my fave design mags and are soooo expensive.
    I'd love a rummage through those books and never mind the bear, Oscar is the cutest.

  6. Fab pics, i could happily live in a bookshop too, i love books. I have a bear still and i'm 26 so no laughing from me! x

  7. Haha look at the rock n roll ted!!

    Those shoes are amazing!! so pretty.

    I CAN'T believe I wasn't following your blog! I thought I was. Thank you for your lush comments on my blog. :)

    X x

  8. Love the piggy banks. I have a stilleto one which was a Christmas present from my mum (slighly odd seeing as I just cannot walk in heels and almost never wear them, but guess it's the shoe/fashion theme).

    Also love the pics of Toby Bear smashed during home alone time! He looks like a harmless drunk - one of those guys that just falls asleep!

    Have you read Sarah Addison Allen's books? They're really good, particularly Garden Spells. It's a bit like Practical Magic, so you have to like that magical white witch theme.


  9. This is such a fab post! I'm still laughing at the teddy bear on a coke binge! Hahah!

    The huge gold 'A' is lovely. I want a 'J' for me! :) x

  10. Honey,I've tagged you!See my blog......
    God,I love those shoes.Swoon!

  11. I loved this post! The teddy bear pic was sooo funny!!! :D

    Don't forget to enter to win a Lime Ricki swimsuit!
    clothed much, a modest fashion blog

  12. I love the Mushroom box and the gold A.
    & I always think I could live in a book shop too! How relaxing to be surrounded by wonderful books :)

    Great post x

  13. "The don't mix with the common shoes" LOL.
    They are gorgeous. I love the shot of your bear! I'll let you in on a little secret... I still have a pillowcase that I have slept without TWICE in the past 6 years... It's the same material my basinet lining was made out of, you know.. the piece so the baby doesn't hit it's head. Haha. I plan on keeping it forever. Hehe. So thanks for sharing your Toby bear :)

    ps. Your comment gave me goosebumps. You are a darling.

  14. Love your hat boxes and the big 'A' is great, I just painted my sisters name in big MDF letters for her. I think they look cool. I could also happily live in a book shop although my husband couldnt!

  15. I'm frightened in a good way at how similar we are!! haha sort of in a "I'm not the only one who does that" way. I am a minimalist who has lots of stuff for being a minimalist.
    I also have a bear that moves with me whereever I go. Whisper and I have had some good times. =)

    Regarding your comment: I'm a bit over 5'9" Tall enough to make buying pants difficult, not tall enough to make a career of any kind out of my height =)

  16. love your hat box! great for storage! and totally agree about the book thing, i could just sit and read every day! xx

  17. I love utility too, it's such a fab shop.

  18. Your rockstar teddy made me laugh so hard! Especially the cornflour! Haha! xx

  19. AMAZING teddy shot. I laughed out loud!

  20. Lots of fabulous things. Always loved the A in the background, looks great. The shoes are just stunning. And there ain't nothing wrong with having a teddy, esp with such a story. x

  21. Oh my ... Oh my .. Oh my those SHOES!!!!

    I have nothing mroe to say on them than that!!


    (Oops just did)

    Umm anyway - I think my bears and sheep have secret lives also when im out at work .. although there not quite as rock n roll as yours by the looks of it ;P

    Sal xXx


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