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A New Frock

Friday, 7 May 2010

Should I class this as a late night post or a very early morning one? Hmmm, either way I'm tired, but I'm on an election-coverage watching marathon and this is helping keep me awake. In an ideal world I'd have got a proper amount of sleep last night but West Wing and my insomniac tendencies prevented that from happening, plus today was quite a busy, tiring day!

I did feel like I should frock it up to go and vote this morning. I ignored the grey, drizzly, damp weather and put on whatever the heck I wanted. Clearly I was so happy with the swishiness of the frock that I couldn't pose normally in it! It is lovely though, not just because it's a size 14 (woo hoo!) but because the detailing is fab and it looks and feels much better quality than is usual for Primark. And it took me from voting, to work, and then out for the evening to see John Bishop (who made me laugh till I cried).

Dress - Primark, via ebay
Cardi - DP
Tights - M&S (showing up quite blue in this pic - they're actually a similar shade to the cardi)
Shoes - Irregular Choice, via ebay
Necklace - birthday gift from a lovely pal

Hark at me attempting a smile in the last photo!


  1. Oh!!! Too pretty!
    Email me,darling,,or check me out on Facebook!

  2. The dress is beautiful on you and a size 14, too! I adore John Bishop, he's hilarious.

  3. Beautiful dress Alex, you're looking very slim too if you don't mind me saying.
    Vicki xxx

  4. You're looking fab girl. Pretty, pretty dress, with great styling. Nice one!
    I did vote but got so fed up of all the 'guessing' on TV that I was in bed by just after 10. Mind you, I was on the laptop for a while!
    Z xx

  5. Dress is beautiful, you look fab!
    Kandi x

  6. love that dress :) you lucky thing getting tickets to see John Bishop, sounds ike you had a fab time x

  7. Fab dress! Glad you had a good time a John Bishop! :) x

  8. your poses are so cute and I adore the dress, a wonderful colour on you x

  9. Lovely dress Alex. And well done on staying up til the wee small hours on the election coverage, you political animal you! xx

  10. You look lovely, I love the swishy photos and yes that jumper is amazing. And sod off indeed to the wasps! xxx

  11. I absolutely love that dress. Looks great on you :)


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