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Sunday, 9 May 2010

You may have seen the Plastic Joy award floating around the blogosphere recently. The fab Em chose her rather tasty selections last week and left the award open to all, so here's my take on it - 5 characters from film or tv that I'd like to get a little closer to. I would find this so much easier for literary characters but my top 5 have, in the end, pretty much chosen themselves.

Josh Lyman - The West Wing

I finished The West Wing this afternoon (yes, I discovered it very late) and I genuinely feel bereft now. It's so well written and well acted that the characters are like real people to me, and there's no more of their story to be told. *sobs* Josh is frenetic, intelligent, often arrogant, tempestuous, funny, awkward, passionate, fiercely loyal and deep down, a real sweetheart. And the dimples, ah the dimples. I would have used a pic of him by himself but Josh wouldn't be Josh without Donna.

Dr Jack Hodgins - Bones

The obvious choice from Bones is Booth (David Boreanez) but I was never one to go for the obviously handsome. Hodgins may be a conspiracy nut and more interested in bugs and slime than is entirely normal but he's funny, endearingly nerdy, very lovable and has the most amazing eyes and deliciously curly hair.

Charles Brandon - The Tudors

He's a complete scoundrel in the early series which means lots of chances to see him in the nip, hurrah! He grows up as time goes on and becomes all slightly-troubled-hero type, puting duty before everything else. Both sides appeal to me equally, plus Henry Cavill who plays him is just divine.

Dr Owen Hunt - Grey's Anatomy

I do adore McDreamy - how on earth he puts up with the incredibly irritating Meredith is beyond me - but I think Dr Hunt just pips it. Partly because I am very susceptible to a handsome redhead, partly because I just can't resist a wounded soldier.

Jack O'Neill - Stargate SG-1

Ha, I love the silver foxes! I started watching Stargate at a very impressionable age and he was just so Alpha male and commanding. A bit grouchy but I don't mind that.


  1. Some damn tasty men there.....woot!


  2. Oooooooooh, nice selection! xx

  3. Blimey! I don't know any of them!!
    Z xx

  4. I don't know any of them but that silver fox sure looks cute.

  5. Hey darling, enter my giveaway :))

  6. Those are some fine looking charatcers.I don't mind a good-looking redhead myself!

  7. ooh i don't know any of them either, but the guy from Bones is cute! nice picks, alex :)

  8. Wow, I think way up on my list would be the new Doctor and Puck from Glee... nom nom nom!


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