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Yes, I am a huge geek

Saturday, 8 May 2010

I deliberately booked Friday off work so that I could stay up all night watching the BBC coverage of the election. I also do this when the Olympics are on and the cross country is scheduled to fall in the middle of the night over here. My inner geek has many facets.

I am a tad bashful about revealing my thoughts on politics to the world. I have heated yet amiable exchanges with the parentals (Pa is very old Labour, I am not), in depth discussions with the delightful and intelligent people I work with and regular enormous text conversations with my pal Lee every Thursday night (it's politics night!) and throughout the rest of the week, yet typing it all out to go on the blog is a different matter. Really, does anyone even care what litte old me thinks?

In case you do, I suppose, in brief, that I'm not really surprised by what happened. I didn't want Labour to win and nobody really expected them to. I expected the Tories to win (by how much was the key thing) and they did. I am disheartened by the Lib Dem showing - things were looking so positive and I had such high hopes and it really didn't happen. I am thoroughly pleased by the fact that we now have a Green MP - Caroline Lucas, I salute you. And I'm not unhappy about the prospect of a hung parliament, I just sincerely wish that, if the Lib Dems do deal with the Tories, they secure some actual power for their best MPs and policies, and aren't just there to act as vote support.

And now for my night in pictures (luckily I'm not bashful about being seen in my pj's):

Me, already quite tired at 1am. Stocked up with much diet coke, a laptop, phone (I was providing live text updates to Lee throughout the night), diary and a selection of books.

3am, working my way through an enormous mug of coffee. This mug is probably one of my favourite possessions - Mary Poppins AND a beautiful skyline, two of my favourite things.

5am, looking surprisingly unsleepy and back on the diet Coke.

7.30am, fighting to stay awake.

I finally gave up at 8am and went to bed. Such bliss.


  1. Haha I can't believe you stayed up all night! I made it til half 3am and then gave up. Glad there's someone out there a bit geekier than me! I'm not really into politics but it's just one of those important things it's important to watch.
    The clodges were fine in the end, suprisingly so. Normally I can only wear heels for 3hours max at work, but these survived all day and night because they are more like glorified flats! Very impressed with them!

  2. Politically, I absolutely agree with you. Fantastic to see Caroline Lucas get a seat. A great achievement staying up the entire night - I didn't even consider it! Loving the pyjamas too, you look very comfortable and cosy! x

  3. Ahh I stayed up til 6, well done! I am desperate for news on the situation, but I don't think we'll find anything out until Monday/Tuesday despite the falling £.
    My fingers are crossed for a Lib/Lab/SNP/whoever else will join in against the tories coalition!

  4. Blimey, don't you look cute in your PJs?
    I didn't stay up and I'm delighted the Greens finally got a seat and that the Tories didn't get a majority....please Nick Clegg, do a deal with Gordon Brown.
    How brilliant is it that the scumbag BNP lost every seat?
    Another Tory government is just too dreadful to contemplate, I'm still scarred.

  5. You are hardcore! I made it to 1am and gave up, but I was absolutely glued to the coverage. This is the first time I've really been interested in politics and I've learnt so much through the televised debates and the online reaction.

    I was disappointed by the Lib Dems too. I cannot stand the thought of a Conservative Britain, but I guess we shall see how it all unfolds. xxx

  6. I was coxing on Friday so I had to go to bed but I really wanted to stay up all night! I voted Lib Dem and I will be pleased to have done so if Nick forms a coalition with Labour instead of Tories - there's a massive gulf betweek Lib and Con, too big to fill properly I think. Plus, I want PR!

  7. you are not a geek. more a super intelligent person who I have a great respect for.

  8. I had to force myself to bed as I dont get the chance of a day off! lol

    Im extremely disapointed with Nick Clegg atm, if he does a deal with the Tories he will be taking years of Liberal history down with him! The best thing for him to do would be to walk away from both parties with his head held high confident in the knowledge that he has stayed true to his party and their policies.

    Im glad someone else likes politics as much as me though :)

  9. I'm so impressed, I lasted till eleven thirty and fell asleep on the couch! I was rather underwhelmed at the result and another Tory government is not something that I want to contemplate...
    Kandi x

  10. How cute are you?! Hurrah for geekness!

  11. lol someone i work with did that also x

  12. So many of my friends did this! I was tucked up in bed by... well, 1, but I wasn't watching the election :p

  13. love this post! always interesting to hear the political views of others & i'm most impressed you stayed up all night!

    i'm so glad the tories didn't win outright, but the prospect of the lib dems doing a deal with them to form a government is almost as bad. i can't see how it can be done without compromising what the lib dems are about...i wouldn't trust the tories in the slightest & neither should clegg. i think he'll lose a lot of respect if a deal is made.

    And yes, hooray for caroline lucas!! :)


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