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The Benefits of Getting Up Early on Sundays

Sunday, 5 September 2010

I broke my usual rule today. Instead of languishing in my bed until a reasonable hour (ie close to lunchtime), I was at a car boot sale at 7am. Revoltingly early but totally worth it! I am always bemoaning the fact that I never find any vintage stuff at car boot sales but clearly I've been going to the wrong ones because I definitely found some today. Huzzah! And the prices! I don't think I spent more than £10 in total and I got loads:

A fluffy book and one that I just couldn't resist. Here's hoping it lives up to the advertised thousand thrills!

Wedgwood Baltimore meat plate. A quick Google has revealed a similar one dating to 1878 on sale for $114! I don't think this is anywhere near as old as that but it's rather nice anyway.

Cute Primark jumper and Oasis jeans as a small present for Mum.

Pretty Primark teal dress (silly camera does not photograph blues and purples well) and a George slouchy jumper.

The cord skirt is Gap and the other one has no label but I liked the pattern.

The print dress is probably way too big but for 25p I couldn't leave it behind. I can always take it in a bit or belt it. The other one is ASOS and looks lovely and drapey, plus it has pockets. We all know I love dresses with pockets!

And onto the vintage:

St Michael blouse, hand knitted cream jumper and a black leather bag (grand total 85p)

Two chunky cardis and an old lady dress. Again, I was too taken by the print to leave it behind. Must get cracking with the sewing machine!

And the piece de resistance...

How cute is this suitcase please?! Mine for £1.50. And from the next door stall, some amazing vintage shoes, a fab shift dress (also needs altering) and this lovely handbag which is complete with gloves, hanky, co-proxamol (won't be taking those!) and a note saying "Phyllis, be pleased to see you tonight if you would like to come". I do love the little insights into someone else's life that you get from buying things second hand.

I do have a mini tale of woe though. I have been after a nice hat stand for my room for ages now. What did I see as soon as I walked into the car boot sale? You guessed it, a very nice hat stand. Did I buy it? No. I am a fool. I thought I'd get it on the way out and surprise, surprise, it wasn't there when I was on the way out. When will I ever learn that if I see something I like, I should just buy it?!

But I won't linger on my disappointment too much as I'll only get cross. I was home by 9am and have been full of beans ever since. I've done tons of housework (most unlike me!) and tried out a recipe that I saw on Helen's fantastic blog. As is usual with me and recipes, there were some substitutions. We never seem to have useful things like cornflour and lemons in the house so I made it up a bit and used a different sized tin to the one recommended because guess what, we don't have a 9x13 baking tin either. But it tastes yum and that's the main thing!


  1. Wow you got loads. I've read Hollys Inbox and really enjoyed it, those books are so easy to read. I'm a little bit in love with that suitcase xx

  2. Wow you got loads of bargains! Must say Hollys Inbox is a good read!

  3. Wow you got an amazing amount of great stuff. Just love the suitcase. x

  4. i love the hand knitted jumper!
    i have been looking for one like that for so long xxxx

  5. Smart and savvy shopper!


  6. That suitcase is to die for. You got some fantastic bargains. Wish we had decent carboot sales like that in Ireland :(

  7. It was fun, fun, fun!! Need to see those vintage shoes on you soon!!

    Sharron x

  8. Dear Alex, I'm very impressed with the amount of stuff you got! And the fact you got up on a Sunday. I am still sitting in bed now! I have to admit I have never been to a boot sale. You and Vix are inspiring me, but I doubt I'd actually get up.

    A Thousand Thrills sounds interesting and I'm sure I'd like the other one too. I love the suitcase, Wedgwood plate and the green and white print dress. You did really well! xx

  9. Some great stuff!! You did well, worth getting out your bed for.


  10. What amazing finds, Alex! I'm so prod of your bargain spotting abilities. The shoes, leather bag and suitcase are wonderful and I adore the print of the shift dress and granny dress - boot sale envy! xxx

  11. Well done for getting up so early... that is the first impressive bit. And then the haul, it's amazing.

    Love the first book. I love old books like that. I have so many of them, some have been rubbish but I just love the look of them, the more aged the better.

    Fantastic hand knitted treasures in there. And the suitcase is wonderful, a real delight.


  12. Wow! I love that suitcase, go you! And that platter is lovely too. Very jealous! x

  13. What an amazing haul. My faves are the cream hand knitted jumper (so cute) and the case. 7am start though - yikes! xx

  14. Woah, love your buys! Wish I didn't have to work every Sunday, or I'd go to one! The contents of that handbag made me giggle - do people not check things before they sell them? ? x

  15. I'm going to one next week - hope I do as well as you!

  16. I tried a similar knitted white jumper in Topshop on Saturday and it was 50 quid!! I love this vintage one, so much more character anyways!

  17. Amazing buys! That little suitcase is adorable! I have the same love of dresses with pockets!

  18. Wow wow wow - what a haul! That suitcase is absolutely fabulous - you definitely got very lucky there!

  19. I love the skirt with the leaf pattern, that has no label :)

    You got some fantastic finds there! Well done you!! :D :D

    I had a suitcase like that when I was younger, it was my mum's I think she still has it, but used to let me put bits in to take on holiday, it always smelt of suntan lotion :D

    Sal xXx

  20. Wow, nice haul. Money well spent I think and that bag with the note is the sweetest thing ever. xxx

  21. Jeez, I need to start going to car boot sales! What a fab haul, no wonder you were so chuffed - and I totally agree re: the personal touches you get when buying second hand, it's really sweet!

  22. love love love that red suitcase!! perfect for your trip to london!

  23. Omg the suitcase is amazing, it looks in such good condition and just so beautiful! You really did have a delightful trip. This post is making me excited; I haven’t been to a carboot for a few weeks, but hoping to fit one in this weekend or the next.
    The cream vintage jumper is an absolute jem and all those prints are just lovely, the fabric will always come in useful.

    I’m sorry I’m so late on reading this x


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