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Sunday, 19 September 2010

I have been


London! And doing thoroughly touristy things like going on the London Eye. I am always a bit intimidated by our grand capital city. I feel that perhaps if I got to know a couple of areas a bit better I would probably love it but because I don't, it's all too big and a bit overwhelming. Perhaps I just need to visit it more often.


Why most of the shops in London didn't open till after 10am on a Saturday? Weird.


Going to see Jack Whitehall live. I've been trying for ages now and it's just never quite worked out in terms of times/locations. He was so, so funny.


At the cinema, The Other Guys which really appealed to my childish sense of humour, and The Beat That My Heart Skipped (or to give it it's proper title, De battre mon coeur s'est arrĂȘtĂ©) which I loved. Romain Duris was outstanding in it and if I may lower the tone slightly, good god he's sexy. Even when looking slightly ragey.

And at the theatre, 'Tis Pity She's A Whore, which was very good but rather more full of incest and murder than I'd anticipated!


At this


A new pair of Irregular Choice shoes. The picture on their website does them no justice so you'll just have to wait until I wear them to get to see which ones I chose. They're a bit good though.

This, which I love, and it was 25% off which makes it even better! So happy to start buying knitwear again.

And a couple of very exciting homeware type things from ebay which I'll discuss at some point soon.


In advance for the fact that I haven't been organised enough to schedule any proper posts for while I'm away. Sorry! I might be able to get one sorted out if I get a few spare minutes tomorrow. Also I won't be around to comment till next week - don't think I'm being rude please!


Food allergies and the scales. My weekly weigh-in is on a Friday and it seems like Thursday's meals are constantly set to sabotage me. I think they're ok, then whump, I feel like death when I wake up the next morning, all bloated and horrible, and so the scales don't favour me and I'm already in a bad mood and it just gets worse from there. However...


about going on holiday! I'm off to Croatia on Tuesday and very much looking forward to it. The diet is being left at home. I can't be faffed with worrying about what I eat when I'm meant to be enjoying myself.


  1. Have an amazing time in Croatia .. and your right the diet can wait - enjoy!!!


    Sal xXx

  2. Ohhh lucky you going away, i'm so jealous. I also love that Ad, its like me and my bf, we'd so have that if we could! x

  3. You lucky duck, I would love to go to croatia! hope you have a great time :-)

  4. Please don't find my home town intimidating. I think it is best to tackle London a little bit at a time, just remember that it's just a lot of individual places joined together. I've never noticed the 10am thing, I'm guessing you were down Oxford Street?

    Have a wonderful holiday in Croatia, it is somewhere I have always wanted to go so I am very jealous x

  5. OO Croatia's gorgeous, enjoy!


  6. Dear Alex, I hope you're good. If you ever need any tips of where to go in London you can always ask me. As for the 10am opening, I think it's because everyone goes out on a Friday and it would be a nightmare to get most shop staff in any earlier.

    I love Jack Whitehall, you've reminded me I want to see him too. He's the best and funniest new comedian for years in my opinion.

    Roman Duris is gorgeous!!... Shame I'm old enough to be his mother!

    Have a wonderful time in Croatia. Don't worry about the diet. My tip would be to eat as much protein and salad as possible and not too many carbs. Last time I went to France and ate so much French bread with tons of butter that I put on a stone... It was delicious though.

    Look forward to hearing about your holiday when you're back. Love C xx

    PS. I've done another wardrobe post if you get a mo.

  7. Wow you have leading such a glamorous life lately!! I would love to go to London.
    I also am so excited about knitwear!!! =)

    Tell us more about Croatia!! I can't wait for your pictures when you return =)

  8. OMG,I don't know what I'm more excited about,your going to Croatia or your new Irregular Choice shoes!! I feel like the boys in that highly amusing ad!!!
    O,I loved "The Beat my heart Skipped" and also think Romain Duris is divoooon!Shame we didn't get to spot his wang!!LOL!Have you seen him in Gajo Dilo?? I LOVE that movie!

  9. Busy girl!
    London sounds an adventure, lots of culture going on.

    And Croatia, exciting!!


  10. Oh I know what you mean about the opening times in London - I was there staying with friends a few months ago but had to leave early as they were off to work, my train was at 11 but I thought I could spend a couple of hours in Liberty ... but no!

    I love Romain but not necessarily in 'that' way! Still haven't seen De Battre Mon Coeur though...

    Have a lovely time in Croatia! I'm desperately trying to persuade the Boyfriend :(

  11. Have fun in croatia!!
    Sharron xxxx

  12. I always feel a little lost in London, but it's a great place to visit, and I totally did the London Eye thing too.

    Have an amazing time in Croatia x

  13. Don't be scared of London it's amazing - altho I am a bit biased being born and raised there. Just break it down into areas. Croatia is meant to be beautiful - enjoy! x

  14. I'd love to go to Croatia, I'm expecting an epic blog post when you're back.
    Lots of delicious Meditereanean salads, grilled fish and fresh fruit, it'll be like you're at a health farm. I'm the only person I know who actually looses weight on holiday despite drinking copiously. xxx

  15. Bloomin Eck Missy, you ain't half been busy this week!

    I think the shops in London don't open till 10am because they're usually open till late every night (but thats just my theory).

    I'm sorry you've been having problems with food allergies, I know what that like and it SUCKS!!

    I hope you have an absolutely amazing time in Croatia, eat drink and be happy!! xxx

  16. That photo is swoon-worthy! Love this post, you sound like you're having a great time. I hope you love Croatia, and tell us all about it - I'm dying to go!

  17. I get what you mean about London being a bit overwhelming, but I am in love with the place! I'm hoping to go down again later in the year.
    Have loads of fun in Croatia, it's a beautiful country. But be warned; if you walk the walls of Dubrovnik bring lots of water! I recall *one* wee coffee shop around the entire perimeter! xx

  18. Wow have a wonderful time in Croatia it looks beautiful. We will be waiting for some pics when you return. Looking forward to meeting your new IC's too!
    Kandi x

  19. I'm SO jealous that you got to see Jack Whitehall. I love him!!
    Have an amazing time on holiday :)

  20. We almost went to Croatia on our mapping project - hope it's good, lots of photos please!

  21. I love Jack Whitehall. We saw him at incredibly small venue a few years back when he did the warm up for Corden and Horne when they tried out material for their ill fated 'comedy' show.
    He was the runaway star of the evening.

  22. Can't believe we were both in London over the same weekend - should have arranged a meet-up, next time...

    The Beat That My Heart Skipped is a wonderful film, loved it (and yes, he's absolutely gorgeous). At the opposite end of the scale, saw Tamara Drew at the weekend, what a load of rubbish! It seemed to be getting such good reviews as well.


  23. So many pretty cool things. Love the sweater. Hope all is well.

  24. Very nice sweater! Weird about shops in London... I wonder why that is? x

  25. What a mishmash of emotions and activities! Hope you have a lovely lovely holiday, I've never been to Croatia but that image looks stunning! jazzy ♥

  26. Have an amazing time in Croatia, look forward to seeing a post on it! I find London abit daunting, so many people rushing around!

  27. I love Croatia - you're going to have the best time there! Dubrovnik and the islands in the Adriatic are wonderful!!

  28. I agree that London can be intimidating when you aren't used to it - I am now, but when I first came here it could be more than a little overwhelming! I do love this town though, I feel more at home here now than I've ever felt anywhere else (though the constant rush of people does get me down). And you never run out of things to do.

    Most envious of your Croatia trip, I am glad you aren't going to worry about food while you are gone - part of the delight in holidays is eating, and you'll most likely walk it all off anyway. Have a great holiday :)

  29. Sounds like you've been having a busy & eventful time!

    I'd love to see Jack Whitehall - he's great :)

    Love your new grey jumper - very nice indeed - big knitwear fan myself!

    So jealous of your Croatia trip - can't wait to hear all about it. I went to Croatia a few years ago now with a friend & I loved it - it's somewhere I definitely want to go back to & explore more of one day..

    Thanks for your comment - I definitely think you should go & treat yourself to that jumper - when you see the price you'll want it in every colour! (I got the neutral as well as the blue, & only didn't get the black because I already own something very similar..!) - definitely recommend checking out the site - loads of lovely stuff on there & such ridiculously good prices! Let us know if you succumb to temptation :)


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