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Friday, 10 September 2010

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The beginning of autumn, my second favourite season. I love the way the colours change so dramatically and the weather gets to that lovely sunny-but-not-so-warm stage. I've bought all my winter coats and the prospect of hats and scarves are just round the corner. I'm already investigating the purchase of a cloche hat. They didn't suit my fat face last year but hopefully things have changed!


This article and this blog. The former saddens but really doesn't surprise me. The latter raises some interesting points about "proper" fashion blogging.


My friend Katie (on the left):

who works here:

Which enjoys some rather cracking views across Wensleydale:


way too much homemade blackberry crumb bar and banana muffins and the world's biggest bacon butty (seriously, 6 rashers of bacon in one sandwich??). Still lost a pound and a half though so all the swimming must be balancing things out.


blackberry picking by the canal


my annual London-in-between-Christmas-and-New-Year trip. We shall be watching Tom Hollander in this, Gemma Arterton in this and Ben Barnes in this. Can't wait!

whether it's rude to point out to some bloggers that their spelling and grammar is appalling? I think it probably is. It might just be me being pedantic but it drives me round the bend when people mix up your/you're and use long words incorrectly when they clearly don't know what they mean!

And why is that when I take bookings from people who live in really Welsh Wales , they always rattle off their address at top speed and then seem enormously surprised when I ask them how to spell it. I can't even pronounce Rhosllannerchrugog or Llanarmon-yn-lal, let alone spell them without a little help!


A film noir inspired promenade performance at my favourite theatre. Glorious. Probably the most interesting and fun thing I've ever been to see there. Every room in the whole building (including the loos!) had something totally different and wonderful taking place - I had my fortune told, went on a fake taxi ride, played poker with some Bonnie and Clyde style tempestuous lovers, watched some lindyhoppers doing their thing, was serenaded by an Elvis- impersonating janitor in a broom cupboard, had a tour of the boiler room with a crazy character who loved my shoes (well I had to take them off to climb down the ladder to get into it and someone had to hold them for me), chatted to a ghost in a fur coat, fishnets and red lippy about her ex husbands, ate popcorn in a mini movie theatre, flirted with some handsome men in dashing 30's costume and much, much more.


To BBC radio 4 & 5 and a shedload of podcasts. Plus a bit of Lady Gaga whilst driving down the motorway. I find she's good to drive fast to.

Labyrinth at my favourite cinema. Yes Helga, I was on Bowie wang alert. Quite prominent!


Absolute tosh mostly (ie crappy romance novels from the library). Please don't judge me. But also an Alexander McCall Smith I've not read before and several Monica Dickens Penguin paperbacks.


A tankini for my hols. How hard was that to track down??! Do they think no-one goes on holiday after the middle of August??

And a fake fur coat. I adore it. I can't tell you how much.

Weirdly enough, about bloggers. And road trips. And a slightly romantic one about a friend of a friend who I really don't fancy in real life. I have mental dreams.


About sleep. I am so very tired at the moment.


If I should try and make this a weekly Sunday feature? I usually don't wear anything of interest at the weekends to blog about so it might be a nice roundup.

Images that aren't mine are from We Heart It and Google.


  1. I love Labyrinth. If we were fb friends (why arent we? :p) you would have read my status about blasting the soundtrack while waiting for fish & chips. Perfect Friday night for me :D

    I like this round up... I skimmed the blog post and will definitely go back to it later. Style blogging is weird. I dunno if I could ever have a body of work dedicated to what I wear. I don't think I care enough :p

    Fake fur coat! Can't wait to see it :) And heck, how amazing is that view? Mm, all I feel like now is bacon. I'm about to have chicken and pepperoni risotto and am a bit miffed that David got el cheapo brando pepperoni. I can taste the difference, he reckons I'm a food snob. Pfft. :p

    I like this round up. A lot. Definitely try it next weekend and if it feels right, rock it all the time. I love reading about you Alex :)

  2. Autumn is DEFINITELY my favorite season! Your pictures of Wensleydale are incredible...I"m so jealous! Someday, I really want to go to Europe and see all of these amazing things to see. *Sigh*

  3. I'm SO with you on the blogger grammar thing. I'm sure I'm guilty of the odd typo myself, but it truly winds me up when people clearly haven't made the effort to even press spellcheck before posting. It's usually EXACTLY the same people who are a bit....ungrateful....for their followers? Say no more. And what truly appalls me is that people can obtain a degree (apparently) without knowing the difference between your & you're, their, there and they're. So there.

    xxx Great post, btw. Really got me fired up now!


  4. I'm a grammar stickler too! I have to stop myself correcting people's spelling on their Facebook statuses ... but it's hard!!

  5. Great post! I probably fall into the bad grammar category, sorry Alex! But I do press spellcheck before posting, so maybe not as bad as others?!
    Looking forward to seeing you fake fur coat, I want one!!


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