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In which I fail at keeping up with trends

Monday, 13 September 2010

Just off the top of my head, here is a list of spring/summer 2010 things that all the cool kids were wearing, none of which made their way into my wardrobe:
  • Underwear as outerwear (I did wear a pretty vest once but no bras or bustiers were on show)
  • Shorts in any form
  • Hareem pants
  • Jumpsuits
  • Playsuits
  • Sportswear
  • Nude shades
  • Lace
  • Patterned trousers
  • Sheer fabrics
  • Boyfriend blazers
  • Socks and shoes
  • Pastels
  • Tribal and ethnic prints
  • Any type of jeans other than skinny jeans
  • Cutouts
  • Clogs

More power to those of you who can get away with such things! I would, for example, love to wear playsuits but they just emphasise my worst areas (stomach and thighs) and look awful. Ditto all forms of shorts, so until I get a tummy tuck, they’re off the shopping list.

But this is not to be a “wah, I can’t wear anything nice” sort of post, because I loved all the pretty frocks I sported over the summer months and I still can't truly explain how fun it is to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe after losing so much weight. It’s moving rapidly towards autumn now though and I do need to buy some extra bits and pieces. The only items on my list so far are:

- Some trousers – because I own none
- The perfect white shirt/blouse – proving very tricky to find
- A cloche hat
- Lots of lovely knitwear

Do you have any suggestions? Anything in particular you think I might suit? I’m open to all ideas! I really don’t want to fall into the trap of previous years and bury myself under massive, shapeless layers. The shops aren't filling me with inspiration at the moment though and I'm already bored of khaki and miserable colours. Here's hoping some of you might have seen something that I haven't.


  1. You know what all the cool kids wear that I don't? Leggings/jeggings. Even my mum wears them, and it makes me feel super uncool for not liking them, but I just don't get it. I'm sitting this one out.

    The only winter tip I can think of is to wear more thin layers, rather than one big shapeless one. It does actually keep you warmer (Ray Mears says so!), and doesn't look sloppy or like you're trying to hide like a massive jumper does. And if you belt the layers, it gives you a defined waist. A tan leather belt over a long cream cardigan (unbuttoned), lovely!

  2. Traditional South Asian-style tunics AKA kaftans over here!a loose Boyfriend blazer would suit you too. Over-sized men's shirts worn with a silky scarf / sarong belt under the bust or waist. Nicola's ideal of a long cardi would look fab on you too:)Maxi dresses and skirt also would suit you.

  3. If you were going into summer instead of out of it I would totally recommend shorts on you! You have amazing legs! Something that cuts just above the knee and maybe is a little baggy/rolled up. I have big thighs and a booty but I love showing off my legs with that sorta short :)

    Oh and I must agree with Nicola. I hate jeggings. With. A. Passion.

    Can't wait to see all your lovely knitwear :) I need non-jean pants. That's what I'll be shopping for this week in Perth xoxo

  4. I know what you mean about the shops being uninspiring. A friend and I tackled the high street and the styles were the same in every one of them, some marginally better quality than others but nothing really outstanding.
    Cosmic's ideas are great, I love them.
    I'm not a fan of cold weather dressing. I only own one jumper! xxx

  5. I would have loved a playsuit too but at six foot I think they would have been a bit short and just given me a wedgie! If it's any consolation though I think half the things on that list are ugly anyway and scream fashion victim.

    As for winter clothes, I like to wear a thin long-sleeved top under a chunky short-sleeved cardi - that way you can wear a big thick cosy jumper without it totally enveloping you :)

  6. I adore jeggings/leggings. I wear them when a dress is just too dam short. I also love my boyfriend blazer bought from primark i wasn't sure if i could wear it, i love it, so i may be investing in a better quality one. Trousers, i love high waisted wide leg ones, but they are proving a little difficult to find. Good luck with the blouse, i NEVER have found one!! Although a friend bought one from bravissimo, so maybe you could try there?

    Sharron x

  7. I wear some of the cool kids clobber, but am no way cool. I take something that is apparently "in" and work it to suit me, most things don't suit a bum or boobs but there are variations.


  8. You definitely need a cloche hat!! I'm LOVING hats at present !! :)

  9. Never follow fashion. If what's in the shops happens to fall in line with your personally preferred style, then so much the better, but never be a slave to an alien style.

    As much as I love fashion, I hate narrow conformity much, much more...

  10. Can you and your wonderful blog mates come round and sort out me and my wardrobe, please????
    Ah, the 'cool' list - trouble is I remember wearing them the first time round. Goodness, that makes me sound ancient, doesn't it?! I still have some of it shoved in the shed! I think the van with the men in white coats has just pulled up outside...better go!
    Z xx

  11. 50s style dresses layered with long sleeved tees, coloured tights and chunky knitted cardis! A lot of those trends leave me shaking my head... sportswear?! Pah! x

  12. I'll echo Loulou - when what you like is in fashion buy loads of it and just wear it in your own way forever!
    I think you'd look great in one of my coats or dresses...shameless plug tee hee! xx

  13. The shops still seem to be a bit between season. Turnover of stock is so fast though - I'm reluctant to buy anything yet in case a nicer version turns up instore a week later! I'd hold fire for another few weeks then go and have a good mooch around the shops. If not shorts, then there are some cute little A-line minis in a few places. Little nipped-in-at-the-waist dresses with a boyfriend cardi would look cute on you. xx

  14. Dear Alex, thanks for your comments re my wardrobe (so far). I would love to help you with your list. In answer to your question I'm very specific about my Ebay searches, there are lots of tricks. What I showed today I paid much more for than usual. I'm often buying things between 99p and £10.

    If you email me through my profile on my blog with a description and size I will see if I can bag you a fabulous bargain xx

  15. Jumpers, tights, and boots. That is pretty much my fall uniform =) And SOOO flattering.

  16. So many of the things on your list that you haven't got are pretty unflattering. You've got this absolutely fab new shape that is just getting better and better - why wouldn't you want to show it off to the best of your ability?

  17. I love your honesty. Trends are a tricky one for me too. I don’t tend to suit the cool kids stuff either (in fact lets say LOATHE), I mean the whole underwear as outerwear was far too flesh bearing for me.

    I would recommend prints for autumn. It sounds like you really enjoyed all the summer prints on your dresses, so why not take inspiration from that. Patterned knit wear is my ultimate favourite; even a sneaky reindeer print has me all excited around Christmas time. And it’s also the time when accessories come into there own x

  18. I don't think you should rule out playsuits! They can be a bit shapeless, yes, but I find mine is one of the most versatile items of clothing I owe, especially for layering and such. But whatever makes you happy and you feel most comfortable in. Good luck! jazzy ♥

  19. I don't think patterned trousers will be featuring in my wardrobe ever! I think thin knits layered over dresses and belted in will look great on you!


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