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Thursday, 16 September 2010

Get me, two daytime posts in a row. Bit of a change from my usual v. late night posting, but I'm out this evening (to see the splendiferously titled play 'Tis Pity She's A Whore) so wanted to get it in while I was actually feeling awake.

If you're a reader of A Little Bird Told Me (and if not, why not? Get yourself over there, stat) then you may have seen this outfit earlier in the year in one of Jen's Wardrobe Wonderings round-up posts. I don't think I ever put it up on here though so I thought now was a good moment. It's my attempt at entering the Show & Tell challenge. Probably not trendy enough to win but I like it and that's what counts, right? If you're feeling more bargaintastic and stylish than me, you can enter yourself until midnight tonight.

Dress - Primark £1
Wrap - so old I genuinely can't remember but I know it was a present
Belt - Primark £1.50
Wedges - Dolcis, birthday present from my best friend years and years ago
Necklaces - 20p each from a car boot sale
Bag - £1 car boot sale (I think it's H&M)
Bangle - pinched from Mum's jewellery box
Vintage headscarf - came wrapped around a Lush giftset!

Admittedly I was reliant on Primark for the main thing but I will, as usual, stick up for Primark on here. Yes there is an awful load of tat but if you rummage and are careful about the fabrics you choose, there are gems to be had. This dress is technically a size 18 but fitted me when I was an awful lot bigger than that, and it still fits me now with a little judicious belting. I always used to leave it for winter as the print reminds me of poinsettias but nothing in my wardrobe is limited to a particular season anymore so it gets worn a lot more.

I think the outfit covers quite a lot of bargainous shopping options. Buying things on super sale? Check. Presents from friends? Check. Car boot sale finds? Check. Nicking things from your mum? Check. Reusing things that came free? Check! So my bargain hunting tip for the day is - don't be afraid to explore all options, you might be surprised what you turn up. I can't say it would have occured to me a few months ago to reuse gift wrapping as an accessory but I have quite the stash of ribbons now (can be used as belts, headbands, chokers etc) and this vintage scarf is just fab. It might be wrapping but it looks good on my head!

ps - I don't recommend draping yourself in wrapping paper. Probably not so chic.


  1. I agree with the gift wrapping thing. I’m always stealing other people’s ribbons at Christmas, I can’t help myself when there’s free ribbon to be had!

    I love it when Primark go mad and reduce everything down to a £1, I’ve just wrote something about Primark for a post, trying to stick up for it in a way I hope people will appreciate x

  2. Argh... Primark is at the other end of town from work and it's just always full of degenerates - I must steel myself to go bargain hunting one day! I love your satchel there - gorgeous!

  3. I had this email, too. I was debating whether to give it a go.
    I love this photograph of you, Alex. You look stunning. Great legs and marvellous lippie. The outfit is fabulous, too. What a bargain! xxx

  4. Really nice outfit Alex, it's a very 40's inspired look in a way.


  5. Ooh - what fab bargains!!
    I'm looking forward to a hopefully bargain-filled weekend, new life on sat, and then there is a car boot on the showground outside my flats on sunday..I hope it doesn't disappoint!
    Enjoy the play - it sounds fab !! xx

  6. You look great. Love the hairband - and like you and Alice above, I always save ribbons too (and wrapping paper - for craft activities supposedly). Enjoy the play.

  7. I really like this outfit! And I do love a good bargain too.
    My primark is always full of rubbish but I do love that odd gem found amongst the trash! xx

  8. You give Vix a run for her money on the bargain front here :)
    Looking amazing in that photo, you should wear more red.
    Kandi x

  9. I think this is one of your best outfits so far. Love the way you style and pose yourself. You hit so many fashion buttons. Right on with the leather flap bag - so this season. Vintage leather bags, esp satchels, flaps etc are some of my biggest sellers at vintage fashion fairs. I source most from France as they seem to have insisted on buying classic good quality while we in the UK have tended to follow fads. Anyway good luck with the Show and Tell Challenge - it's a super photo.

  10. I loved this look back when you entered it for Wardrobe Wonderings - it's such an amazing look for an amazing price! You look great. x

  11. stunning look!

    i love using gift-wrapping ribbons too. . there was this silver bow i used and it was quite fun walking around feeling like a luxury chocolate box!

  12. yes, bargain hunting definitely takes a lot of risks...and it's always worth it in the end. love this outfit on you..actually very refreshing to see such a vibrant color on you.

    ♥ vanilla ice cream | POLKA DRESS giveway this way! ♥

  13. i wished we have primark in singapore

    following your blog now dear


  14. Dear Alex, you look gorgeous! And the red lipstick really suits you. What a fantastic bargain outfit!

    I've been trying to email you but my mail has crashed. I'm having a few problems with my poor old laptop.

    Thank you so much for your kind comments about the Katie interview. I love interviewing people and they seem to open up. My favourite interview is Mrs Jones and this one...

    You may be too young to have much knowledge of the 80's but this is also an amazingly honest interview and interesting to have a man's perspective. I've done quite a few posts on 80's culture. This is another favourite

    I'm delighted to have discovered your blog, wish I had earlier.

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend. C xx

  15. I love this outfit! And I am mad jealous that you were able to score such bargains. I really should start creeping around Salvation Army more often!

  16. VERY cute outfit. Love how you styled everything. And your last comment, lol. I'll try to remember that.

    heart: miss furnellie

  17. Love this outfit, so pretty and such a bargain!

  18. You look great here, I love that dress .. hope you win!!



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