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In praise of t'internet (and those who post on it)

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Isn't the internet a wonderful thing? I never cease to be amazed by how a random moment can set you onto something that provides such wonderful results. I really love that moment when you discover something that grips you and makes you want to be part of it.

Despite the ultimately rather corrosively macho atmosphere (I was one of about 4 girls that posted on there) that drove me about 4 years ago to leave the first forum I really posted on regularly, I met at least 3 really good friends (and one stupid ex) on there. I've spent many a happy hour over the years nattering with the women who share a rather niche literary interest of mine - I doubt I'd have met any of them were it not for a Google search in a quiet moment. The MSE forums, especially the fashion thread where I'm to be found on most days, are an incredibly friendy and supportive place to be, full of hints and tips and fun chat.

And now here I am, waffling on in my own little corner of Blogland. And I have over 100 followers! Whoever thought that would happen? I don't like to blow my own trumpet or go out and say "Follow me!" so I hope that all of you are here because you're interested. And hopefully you don't mind the fact that I don't really fit into a niche. I suppose technically it's a fashion blog but I do feel a bit of a fraud describing it as that because I really wouldn't class myself as well-dressed. But then again I don't really post too much about other things - must improve on that really cos I have lots of interests, I just need to have the courage in my convictions to write about them.

I still find it a little mad that one quick click on a link can send you into someone else's world. I follow a truly eclectic mix of blogs and I can forgive the internet almost all of its negative points for the fact that it allows me to meet and interact with such fascinating people. Who'd have thought six months ago that I'd be chatting, albeit in comment form, with authors, crafters, stylists, vintage lovers, super chic stylistas, bakers, historians, beauty and hair experts, soldiers, bargain hunters extraordinare, people halfway around the world and everyone else who can't be so easily defined into a single category? I don't know what makes you want to chat back with me, but I very much appreciate you all. I especially love the fact that my comments section is so chatty and not just full of one-liners.

And most of all, it's truly wonderful to have found people who I consider to be friends, even though in some cases we haven't met and maybe never will. The kindness, generosity and support of you lovely lot really does humble me at times. I won't name anyone in particular (you know who you are though) but the fact that people I've never met care enough and are nice enough people to send me parcels that truly brighten up my day is a constant source of joy to me. And for each and every one of you that comments - thank you. You make a not very confident girl feel a lot better about herself.


  1. The Internet is indeed a wonderful thing., Alex but there again you're a rather wonderful person, too.
    You and other virtual friends have helped me through one of the worst periods of my life and helped me come through it wiser and stronger.
    I'm sincerely hoping I meet you sooner or later, I know we'd get on like a house of fire. xxx

  2. I truly love your blog, as it's about your life, not just the fashion side of your life. In such a cynical world, I think it's lovely that we can share a bit of oursleves with starngers and, for the most part, receive encouragement and support in return.

    xxx Maddie

  3. You seem quite genuinely-decent and appreciative!

  4. Throughly deserved those followers.
    I love reading your blog, and what's sets you apart from the rest is that it isn't just look at me, look at what I bought, ooh check me out (although you did do a bum shot in the past!!) I love the little stories that go with the outfits.


  5. I love it too, and I love that I have friends that I have never met. Your blog is a mix of wonderful stuff but mainly it's that it's a glimpse into your life, and I think that if I knew you I would like you and I enjoy reading and getting to know you, even if it is virtually!
    Kandi x

  6. Awww, I loved this post.
    This is probably one of my favourite blogs, you write in such a friendly way and there's no pretension, it's very refreshing :).
    Yay for over 100 followers :D

  7. YOU are a treasure!!
    It is indeed a wondrous thing,the Internet! I love my blogging life-would love it even more if I could bring some of you into my daily life!
    I too follow an ecletic mix of blogs.I'm just eclectic,I guess.A finger in every pie!
    love Helga!

  8. I love that you are loving blogging, and I hope (ok I sorta know) that you're talking about me when you talk about chatty girls and new blog friends. I just love you Alex. And your blog. And your attitude. And the way you make me feel good about myself. That comment about the pic of me and Daniel, saying you could tell I was a lovely person? When I'm having a down day I think back to that comment and it makes my day, and heck, my life, feel 100x better. So thanks. For being the wonderful girl you are :)

  9. I got here via MSE :) Don't worry about 'not feeling particularly well-dressed' I much prefer to read fashion blogs about real people who shop on the high street - that way I can rush out and buy the same thing! And you can't do that with 'real-life' friends can you, otherwise you'd be a copycat, so that's another advantage of online friendships :D

  10. Well done on the followers Alex, very much deserved! The internet is an amazing thing, giving everyone a place to express their thoughts and opinions which would be a lot harder to do in the real world! :)

  11. Your blog is genuine and real and that’s what brings me back. Much a fashion dominated sphere I find blogger, I tend to appreciate a little bit of reality and that’s what I find here and strongly can relate to. You are a great person and I intend to remain a firm follower.

    My charity shop marathon wasn’t much of a spend marathon unfortunately, besides those two French children’s books, I managed to pick up a few more Beatrix Potter but that’s all! I know it sounds a little sad but sometimes I just get a thrill out of mooching round seeing stuff and rummaging around, just in case there’s an hidden £400 frock amongst that tatty £1 rail! x

  12. I love your blog Alex. You have got so many followers because you are a genuine, caring, honest and all-round lovely person.
    I do miss posting on MSE, RL juat has too many demands on my time right now - maybe one day I'll win the lottery and be able to afford a team of errand runners, or more realistically get a job behind a computer!


  13. I love your blog. I don't post every time I read or even half the time I read but I always leave with a smile. x

  14. This is such a sweet post and congratulations on getting over 100 followers! And I know how you feel, I've spoken to people who are halfway across the world and are the nicest people I've ever had the chance to speak with, share ideas and get to know etc. Your blog's always interesting and your eclectic fashion sense is so original and creative. :) xxx

  15. This is such a lovely post - I know how you feel because I feel exactly the same! Your blog is great, you cover an area of fashion that is simply not catered to in the same degree by the print media, and for that you should be proud. Well done, and keep it up!

  16. Lovely post Alex. Your blog is fantastic - I love your sense of humour and your honesty, it's a joy to read. Have a fab weekend. xx

  17. Dear Alex, your blog's great and I love your sense of humour. I'm delighted to have found you. Apologies for being a bit behind on comments xx


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