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Sunday, 28 November 2010

Hi all.

I'm back from holiday and am so far behind on comments - sorry! This weekend has been somewhat manic but I'll try and catch up over the next few days. I had such a lovely relaxing week away.

I ate way too much but I don't care.

Tons of mistletoe everywhere!

This is why I like holidaying in the UK. So beautiful and full of random, interesting things. Although you wouldn't know it from the last photo, the map assured me that it was the remains of an ancient fort.

View from the living room window.

When I wasn't charity shopping or making baubles, I mostly spent the week on the sofa. Items vital to my happiness - netbook, lipbalm, book, duvet.

Nom nom nom. All scoffed whilst watching An Affair To Remember and having a mild swoon over Cary Grant.

I popped to Stokesay Castle on the drive home. Bit of a flying visit as it was about minus 2 and that's really not the weather to be standing around freezing cold stone castles in. Beautiful place though!


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed your holiday, Alex.
    The boiled egg and soldiers looks scrummy!

  2. I'm so jealous, I've had a rubbish weekend and a week in the country charity shopping and making baubles sounds like Heaven!

  3. Dear Alex, love your pictures. Your holiday sounds wonderful. I eat tons of eggs and boiled eggs are a particular favourite. That one looks spot on. I bought a great egg timer called Egg Perfect that you pop in with the eggs, they've been perfectly soft boiled ever since.

    I have the whole day set aside tomorrow for dealing with my wardrobe. I cannot believe I haven't finished it! I keep finding bits I've put aside for you in the wrong place so will endeavour to get them all together tomorrow at long last! Speak very soon, C xx

  4. Toast soldiers! They never come out properly in Manila unless I buy wheat loaf because we're not exactly a bread-devouring country, but I love having them. Looks like you had a brilliant holiday, stately homes + Georgette Heyer!

    Venetia wasn't my favourite when I started reading her novels but now it's right up there with The Grand Sophy and Faro's Daughter. Venetia is one of the best heroines I've encountered, beautiful, clever, a little selfish, a sensible homebody at heart, and best of all NOT feisty.

    Arianne from A + B in the Sea

  5. Eeek,love the coat!
    Gorge pix,I so love the English country side,and all the divine historical buildings.Castles!! Wah!
    I really must check out this Georgette Heyer woman,I thought it was like Mills & Boon,but you like her,and you've got Vix liking her,so dammit,I'm gonna get in on the act!
    XXXWelcome home!I love bolied eggs and soldiers too! We called the soldiers something else when I was a kid in Aus,but I can't remember what it was!!! Love!

  6. What gorgeous photos, the sky has been so beautiful despite the awful cold weather. Love those Chinese Lanterns at the end, we used to have those in our garden as a child, I haven't seen any in years.
    Glad you had a wonderfully relaxing time and hope you're ready for the madness of the festive season. xxx

  7. Stunning photos! I do love a good holiday in the British countryside there's always so much to see and do and it's so beautiful.

    Perfect inspiration for the perfect breakfast, egg and soldiers here I come nom! :)

  8. Wahey, very glad you had a relaxing holiday and that you got home before the snow started to fall! xx

  9. Blah, I left a comment but it didn't work. Just wanted to say that An Affair to Remember is one of my favourite films and I always cry (always), and you know I love Georgette. Can't remember if I've read Venetia before, but my faves are Cotillion and Friday's Child because thos are the very first ones I ever read x

  10. Glad you made it home! I finally made it in at 10pm!! I love that coat x

  11. It looks like a wonderful escape. Glad you had a great time and all that charity shopping you managed to fit in too makes for a great time away x

  12. Great pictures! Do you have a new camera? Which one do you use? I'm on the hunt for a good 'un so I can finally have good pics for my blog! Looks like you had the perfect wintery week, lovely! x

  13. Welcome home Alex,
    what beautiful pictures xx

  14. Sounds like the perfect way to recharge your batteries!

  15. Lovely pics Alex and it sounds like the perfect break. (P.S. I live in London, so I doubt I bought the frame you donated!).

  16. Ah that sounds like lovely peaceful fun! Now you can just look forward to Christmas :)

  17. It's lovely that you have had such a relaxing break, your photos are gorgeous. xxx

  18. What beautiful views! I'm the same, LOVE holidaying in the UK. Big fan of the North Yorkshire Moors especially. Glad you're back :) jazzy ♥

  19. Your holiday sounds and looks just fab. Glad you enjoyed it. Holidaying in the UK is brilliant, especially for a nice relaxing trip.

    Nommy egg and soldiers. Have a hankering now. x


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