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Sunday, Stitching & Stupid Snow

Monday, 29 November 2010

I was going to tell you not to expect snow posts from me as Liverpool doesn't generally get much in the way of extreme weather, what with being by the coast and all. I went to Harrogate yesterday though and boy, did it snow. It was fun at first, look at me covered in it and enjoying myself!

However things took a rapid downturn when we got in the car and it took us about 3 1/2 hours to go 3 miles. The roads weren't the problem, we just weren't moving! The journey there in the morning took us about 2 hours. Getting home took well over 6 hours. Not fun.

Our reason for going there in the first place was fun though! We went to the Knitting & Stitching Show which was like crafty heaven. I met up with Lucy which was lovely - her blog has much better pictures of the stalls by the way. I mostly took pics of the exhibition stuff, a lot of which was incredibly innovative, and some AMAZING hats from the Leeds Millinery people. If only the iphone camera didn't suck so much, the pics would be much better.

I would die with sheer joy if I owned this. It's a BROGUE HAT!!

Purchases consisted of loads of beading stuff including a Christmas pudding earring kit, various presenty things that are safely tucked away now, some buttons which I think I'll make into necklaces and a knitting set in a cup! How fun please? The wool is gorgeously soft and the stall owner assures me that even a novice knitter can manage to make wristwarmers from it. I shall report back on my progress...

I swished for the first time as well! It was fun - I took along some stuff that was just cluttering up my wardrobe and exchanged it for this cute little black clutch and gorgeous Topshop pleated frock. It doesn't look as if it's ever been worn. Now I just need a sassy little black jacket to wear with it as I don't show my horrible arms off in public (just on this blog, weirdly enough. Also please excuse the bra straps)

ps - sorry if I sound entirely disjointed tonight. I had a very unsettling dream last night about the boy I was smitten with in Sixth Form and have been feeling odd all day. Haven't thought about him for years so I don't know what sparked that one off! I do sometimes wish that my dreams weren't so vivid - when they're good they're really good but bad ones have a horrible habit of freaking me out for a while afterwards.


  1. That dress is gorgeous, I love it. What is swishing though?

  2. Dearest Alex, I am mid piles of clothes in my wardrobe so hopefully will get to the Post Office tomorrow! What am I like?

    I am so jealous that you have snow! You lucky thing, apart from the traffic obviously.

    I am in love with the black hood with gold on above, who's it by?

    Love your dress by the way. You'll have lots more things to try on soon xx

  3. PS. I did a post for you a little while ago xx

  4. Dear Alex, I'm so glad you liked it! Thank you for the info on the hood. Love it!!! Did you listen to the song? I'm obsessed with Siouxsie's make-up. I must get some good glittery green eyeshadow xx

  5. Ooh that dress looks just gorgeous on you! Good find! Also kinda loving that knitted plane, what a mad idea :)

  6. The knitted plane is amazing, I think it's the only decorative item that my boyfriend and I would ever agree on.

    I'm jealous, I would have loved to have gone!

  7. A brogue hat?! Woah!! There's some cool stuff there,I can't get over the knitted plane!
    Darling,you look ever so ethereal and lovely in that frock!That'll be gorge for cocktails!
    Snow=ugh!! I've only had limted experience with it,and I don't like it at all! Glad you didn't catch cold!
    dreams are bloody weird.I dreamt I ws going at it with my boss' boss the other night,and he is soooo unfanciable.Who knows what brings such bizzarre things on.I get quite haunted by dreams at times,too.
    XXX love!!!

  8. I love the hats from the first few pictures!!! What fun!
    We've had terrible snow too. Terrible. And the stupid state of WA doesn't plow unless they absolutely have to, usually only after many car accidents. I hate the state of WA right now....
    Sorry, end rant!

  9. Oh, I love that hood (I immediately thought of Christina) and that necklace with the mesh and coins is fabulous, too.
    I adore that dress on you, we were admiring it in Topshop a while back, it's stunning.
    The snow's reached us now, at least it'll get a bit warmer. xxx

  10. That dress looks so lovely on you :)

    I want that brogue hat it is amazing!

    I really want snow but I know I'll have to go back to Yorkshire for that. Here in the centre of liverpool it's just cold and pretty skies and a fine layer of pretty whiteness, which I am grateful for as at least I can still get to places without worrying too much about falling over :)

  11. Seems like getting stuck in Harrogate was the order of the day, it took my friends 7 hours to get back to Hull from there on Sunday!

    Never heard of this swishing - is it basically swapping clothes?!

  12. How did I miss the woolly aeroplane?!

    I know what you mean about dreams - I only remember them when I'm in a strange bed (on hol) or am stressed but they can be really unsettling :( Hope you feel better today xx

  13. you look absolutely beautiful in that last picture! serious, stunning miss! that dress is right up my street. the craft show looks amazing, i need that areoplane to be hanging in my room right now. xxx

  14. The dress looks amazing on you, excellent swap. And the brogue hat is fabulous! I hate vivid dreams too, my last one was that I got fired - even in the dream I was saying 'this must be a deram right? I can't really be fired!' I felt disturbed for days afterward x

  15. The Topshop dress is stunning on you, I love the pleats.
    The brogue hat is lovely too, looks like a wonderful show full of inspiring makes xx

  16. The dress is such a fabulous find, you look so chic in it - shame you'd already got the xmas party outfit sorted !!

    and the knitted plane is genius!! :)Xx

  17. I love that brogue hat and also the net necklace below it fab! I know what you mean about the dream I have ones like that too, they linger wiht you all day.. its almost like an a memory of a day that really happened. as for the snow well we are gettin it really bad here in ireland as well, that never happens!.. does this mean the apocalypse? ha hope not!

  18. You do look fab in the frock, what a great find, I've never heard of swishing either! I so wanted to go to that fair but so glad I didn't get stuck in that traffic! I love the christmas pud earrings kit, great idea and looking forward to seeing your knitting skills with the wrist warmers.
    Keep warm and carry on!
    Kandi x

  19. those are awesome crafts! and the white dress just looks so chic on you!

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  20. You look so cute in the snow. Glad you had a good time at the show and managed to meet up with Lucy!
    The brogue hat is just divine!
    Good look with the wrist warmers, look forward to seeing the finished article! x

  21. That dress is gorgeous! I want that brogue hat!!

  22. Brouge hat...AMAZE.

    And you look beautiful in that dress xox

  23. Aha, now I'm with you. Swishing seems to be the way forward, or it should be if finds like yours are a regular occurence!

  24. oo that swishy dress look fab!
    So jealous you have snow, our air is too salty :( x

  25. You look absolutely stunning in that dress.

    In answer to your question the seat cover wasn't hard to fit. I measured up and over the headrest and cut into the top of the fabric for it, sewed that part up the sides so it would slip over the headrest then sewed the top onto the side of the headrest part to form shoulders. Sorry that is a rubbish description but the best I could do!

  26. Dreams are weird. I had one last night that I couldn't explain in any way: nothing triggered it off, it didn't connect to anything, it was so random.

    Love the snow picture, though I expect it always looks a lot prettier and more fun than it is when you're actually out there in the cold!

  27. What a find! Love love love that white dress. Hope you're feeling back to normal now. I sometimes have dreams where I wake up crying and it takes ages to forget about it. I also have dreams where I wake myself up laughing - yes, I'm a nutter! xx

  28. (Sorry another comment, I'm just catching up on my reading!) That dress looks AMAZING on you! The show looked like so much fun, I'd be tempted to buy loads though! Glad you got to meet up with Lucy :) Hope the odd feelings about your dream didn't last long. It's horrible when you get odd feelings and they won't go away. x


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