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In which I worry

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

I feel rather jumbly in the head today. Feel as if I should be blogging about something but I'm not sure what. I am full of worry and horribly scared for one of my best friends. I don't want to go into details but it's not good news (could potentially be awful news) and we won't know much more for another 6 weeks. I have been feeling physically sick for most of today because of it.

I tried to take my mind off things...

I spent a while wondering why at least three people today have told me I remind them of Adam Ant. Still unsure whether this is a good thing. He's a bit before my time - are they telling me I look splendiferously 80's or like an ageing pop star, minus the face paint? Maybe they just covet my waistcoat. Who knows?

I got cross with Paypal. I hate Paypal with a vengeance at the moment. I bought two things from etsy - it worked fine. I bought something from ebay - transaction unauthorised, account blocked, emails ticking me off, big scary red font on the website. Can I get it unauthorised? No I can't. Apparently it has to be done over the phone and they won't accept a mobile (why let me enter it as an option then?) and my work phone keypad isn't compatible with their systems. I find modern life immensely tiring sometimes. Just for once, it would be nice to be the sort of person for whom technology worked in a straightforward way and didn't constantly throw up pointless and frustrating barriers to getting things done.

I went to watch The Kids Are Alright which was very good and took my mind off things for a little while. Quite a bit of nudey Mark Ruffalo too - always a good thing.

I went to work off my rage with the world by swimming. I was all prepared to get extremely narky with the teenage idiots who frequent my local pool. It's a lane swim you twerps, GET OUT OF MY WAY and sod off to the kids pool if you want to spend half an hour doing handstands in the water. I have lengths to swim. It's important business. But I was the only person in the pool tonight. WOO! I took pleasure in the fact that I was clearly annoying the lifeguards by being there - they so wanted to go home early and I was thwarting their plans. Ha.

I got a very nice email from a man at DotComGiftShop telling me that my blog has mentioned on their site as part of the article Vintage Blogs We Love. How fab is that?! I'm in very august company as part of that list - feel v. honoured! Plus, I'm always interested to know what other people think of the blog and they've been kind.

"Alex enjoys incorporating older accessories into outfits or going for a complete vintage look, and her blog examines her successes and failures with her vintage fascination."

Hopefully not too many failures...

I got an ebay parcel through the post - always a good thing. Especially when it's an entirely frivolous (but inexpensive) vivid vintage dressing gown. Awesome, yes?

I had a bacon butty.

I have the day off work tomorrow.

I'm still feeling ill with worry. None of it seems to have helped.


  1. Won't pretend that I can help but sending you, and your friend, a wave of little hugs.
    Put on your technicolor dre(amcoat)ssing gown and enjoy that wonderful surge of mood-enhancing colour accompanied by that cure-all...a bacon butty. It might not make a difference to the situation, but it will be a comfort!
    Z xx

  2. Stupid ebay! My mum often has problems with paypal and ebay too - she was ranting on about it on facebook the other day :p
    Congrats on the feature! How cool! You definitely do have an amazing stash of vintage. I'm going to come play one day.. hehe.

    So sorry to hear about your friend. Keeping them in my thoughts xx

  3. Dear Alex, I'm so sorry to hear that you're waiting on news of your friend. Sending positive thoughts.

    Paypal is super annoying. It's fine once you have it all set up and verified with your bank account but up until then it can be limiting.

    I love the print of your new dressing gown!

    The Actor and I are definitely going to see The Kids Are Alright as it's been highly recommended by a couple of trusted people and now you.

    Swimming sounds great. I have a lido at the end of my road I really should use but it's probably a bit cold when you get out now!

    Have a great day off. I recommend staying in bed watching some excellent films or a fantastic book to try and take your mind off things for a bit xx

  4. PS. It's definitely the waistcoat prompting the Adam Ant comments. It's gorgeous, especially with the green blouse xx

  5. omg the same thing has happened to my paypal recently, apparently i need to verify some details - so annoying when i've got a dress i've just won on ebay waiting to be paid for!
    oh well, gorgeous dressing gown and i now want a bacon sandwich :) x

  6. O,sweetheart,worry is not fun but seems to be unavoidable and insatiable! Hope things turn out to be way better than expected!
    paypal?! I know next to nothing about it apart from a dodgy on my creit card once,connected to paypal.I was pretty pissed,$600 is nothing to be sneezed at-it was sorted but left a bad taste in my mouth! Fricking technology,it is supposed to m,ake life easier,but doesn't!!!
    LOVE the green shirt,the vest(mmm,Adam Ant is GOOD) and the pretty dressing gown!Bacon butties could make a grown woman weep,and I have had today off,so am stoked for you having tomorrow off!!!
    LOVE and slurpy things!xxx

  7. O,was there any Mark Ruffalo wang??

  8. I am envious of your day off! I have to teach 4lessons today starting at 8:40!

    That dressing gown is pretty :)

    I hope your friend gets some good news :)

  9. Oh god, I adore that dressing gown, isn't it fab?
    The waistcoat is very Adam Ant, which isn't a bad thing. Back in the day we all wanted to look like him and after all, the 1980's are back.
    You'll have to try Paypal today, when you get through to a human they are absolutely lovely, try not to worry to much although that's easier said than done.
    I hope your friend's news ends up having a positive outcome. xxxx
    PS Have a good day off.

  10. I am so sorry Alex, I hope all is ok with your friend but these next few weeks of waiting are bound to be sh*t. Hugs from London to you x

    The dressing gown is very Joan Collins fabulous, and the waistcoat is UBER Adam Ant. And Paypal can be SO annoying to get set up (I had nightmares when I first did, ugh) but from then on it makes life so much easier. xx

  11. Oh no I'm so sorry, I hope that there is good news in 6 weeks - that's a long time to stay worried though, you should work on trying not to be at this level of worry for that long.

    The waistcoat is very Adam Ant.

    And excellent news about the feature from Dotcomgiftshop, only the best flippin' website ever!

    Hope you have a relaxing day off today - maybe have another bacon butty.

  12. Sending hugs your way, nothing worse than the waiting game especially if it's friends or family. Thoughts are with you all.

    I love the dressing gown, it's gorgeous. Is it a kimono style one? And the waistcoat is fab - it is a little Adam Ant. But in a good way.


  13. The vintage dressing gown is lovely, such a wonderful print, I can imagine it becoming a much loved item.
    Paypal is a demon, so temperamental and unruly to say the least! I hope you get it sorted soon.

    Sad to hear about your friend and the way it is affecting you. Only time can tell what the outcome is, but I hope it is better news. Try and stay as positive as can be at this time x

  14. Alex, sending you a huge virtual hug. I really hope your friend gets the news you are praying for and that things work out ok.

    xxx Maddie

  15. Nothing really distracts from bad news does it? You've done well though, the dressing gown is gorgeous (I'm straight onto ebay) and the heart shaped plate for a bacon butty is a great touch.

    Best best wishes for your friend x

  16. Hope everything works out ok. And you have a wonderful dressing gown!

  17. Oh Alex, I hope you are feeling better by now. You can always text me xxx

  18. Nice blog!
    take care,

  19. Huggs for you and your friend xxx.

    The waistcoat is very Adam Ant and I love it!

    Also love the colours of that dressing gown, it's sure to brighten up the winter.

    Take care xxx

  20. I hope that your friend gets some good news soon! It's horrible to worry about someone but not being able to do anything!

    Take care!

    Sal xXx

  21. how cool you got a well deserved mention on dotcomgiftshop!! so sorry to hear your so worried about your friend. i hope everything turns out ok.xo

  22. Oh, my gosh... Paypal is being weird on me right now too!!

  23. if the bacon sarni doesn't help it muct be bad.....fingers crossed the news gets better....

  24. sorry to hear about your friend..even without the details, i hope your friend will be okay. and i hope everything will be okay with you too...:D

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  25. I'm sorry to hear about your friend, hopefully it will all work out.

    And I like your suggestion of a Chow - is that the one with the blue tongue? xxx

  26. Sorry to hear you're fretting, Alex. I think all you can do in these uncertain situations is cling to hope and positivity. Sending lots of happy thoughts your way.

    Such good news about Dot Com Gift Shop - I love that site! x

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  28. i've been reading in reverse order so now i understand your comment about your friend on your previous post...6 weeks is a long time to be waiting & worrying :( i hope you find something to try & keep your mind occupied eventhough you say you didn't succeed with this blog post!! my thoughts are with you & your friend :)

    good news about the dotcomgiftshop mention, thats excellent! :)


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