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Hello from Herefordshire

Saturday, 20 November 2010

So then, the wi-fi works!

In typical form, I've managed to balance things out by killing some form of technology and MELTED the tv remote control by not realising it was on top of the fire. I am exceedingly dim sometimes.

It's quite dead.

The cottage is lovely and I'm having a fab time so far - shall do general holiday photos at some point this week if you won't be bored by them, but for today I shall just do a quick outfit post. I really must get more comfortable with someone taking my picture as I feel really self conscious still and so all the photos taken of me today look awful and really unflattering! Ho hum. Back to the tripod it is.

Jumper - H&M
Shorts - H by Henry Holland at Debenhams
Tights - M&S I think. They're a lot darker and greener than they're showing up in these pics.
Boots - Evans
Coat - Tu
Ribbon - from a Lush giftset
Socks - Dorothy Perkins
Nails - Barry M in Racing Green (v. difficult to photograph properly!)

I quickly replaced the ribbon with a knitted headband/earwarmer thingy as it was so flipping cold today but no pics of that. There will probably be some soon though because I rather love it. Not as much as I love these shorts though. Aren't they great? 25% off as well - gotta love random sale weeks.


  1. Loving the shorts and tights! That remote looks well fried.

  2. Lol i love that first photo!
    Those shorts are gorgeous xx

  3. Your shorts are the star of the show!!! Seriously, I adore them!

    I know exactly what you mean. Whenever I have someone else take my photos, I look so uncomfortable. It is too bad that the limited lighting of the season has caused all of my pictures to be grainy!!! I may need to not to outfit photos til spring!

  4. I think you look really fab - love the tights/shorts combo. Hope you're having a great time and yes would love to see the pics. xxx

  5. Poor remote :(
    Luckily it did not leave a stain at all - you hear that, mrs cottage lady?! :D

  6. I LOVE those tights!! How awesome are they?? (answer= very) I have been getting into solid tights lately, which is so unlike me considering I'm a pattern girl but they're just so irresistible!

    The remote made me laugh out loud...:) hahha!

  7. yay for the odd socks!
    the image of your remote control really did make me laugh
    seems like you are having lots and lots of fun xx

  8. Shorts gorgeous, hairband gorgeous, and the remote control made me giggle sitting up here in bed! Poor thing, it had no chance. Looking forward to seeing your holiday snaps later this week x

  9. Just stumbled on your blog! OH MY WORDDDD. My mouth actually dropped when I saw the picture of the TV Remote. And then I giggle a bit. Is that bad? RIP, TV Remote.

    You look so adorable! Wearing bright tights is my favvvv. You look like the forest on acid. (That was totally a compliment, by the way..)

  10. So cute!! You look like you might like vintage clothing and if you do please come and check us out!!


  11. O,you look gorgeous!! The shorts are toooo cute!
    I'm quite sniggery over the poor dead remote!!!

  12. That is one dead remote!

    Those shorts are lovely. You look wonderful :)

  13. Absolutely love those shorts! You look great, Alex!

  14. Love those shorts on you and you can't beat a bit of Barry M for all-round fabulousness.
    It's bloody cold, isn't it? I'm thinking of makinf some earmuffs 'cos cold lugholes are just vile.
    Can't believe you've ruined the remote. xxx

  15. Oh Jesus you really well and truly have frazzled that remote!
    Those tights and shorts look stunning, I wish I could pull off coloured tights x

  16. You so suit shorts, look fab, love the nail varnish also.

    I reckon banging the remote on your leg would sort it out. :)


  17. AHAHAHA the remote.
    I kind of want to try that with ours now. Ssh.

  18. glad you're having a great time! you're looking lovely & cosy too, i love your coat!

    ooops, the remote is pretty knackered, eeek! :)

  19. Love the shorts! I really want to go off to a country retreat for a few days - been looking at your recommendations in the last post. Might just have to book something! x

  20. Great shorts - love the colours. Oops - that remote control looks v dead! xx

  21. Gorgeous :)))


  22. I love your outfit, it is so fun! And I am loving that nail polish color, if only I could stop biting my nails, I would be able to wear nail polish as well ;)

  23. I totally have a Lush ribbon that I wear as a headband!! Brilliant.

    Also loving those tights, I got some from M&S in a raspberry red type colour, I could not be more in love with them if I tried.

    You didn't just melt the tv remote, you MELTED it!

  24. The TV remote kind of looks like weird modern art! I'm sure it's a metaphor for the X-Factor generation or something...

  25. Love those lovely tights! Hope you're having a lovely relaxing holiday - or are you back now? :s

    I booked a ticket for the knitty thing at the weekend! Can only make Sunday though, don't know when you're going? x

  26. Cute shorts! Bummer about the remote! You gotta laugh though. Why not turn it into art or jewellery!? x

  27. Dear Alex, that remote has had it! It's really made me laugh though. I hope you can operate the television from the set.

    Love the shorts and tights, you look fab. I still haven't done my post inspired by you but I will. You must let me know when you are going to be home. I hope you're having a lovely relaxing time xx


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