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A Wish List?

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Afternoon lovelies.

The cottage wifi has gone a bit wonky (definitely not my fault though - I didn't do anything to it, it just stopped working for me!) so I'm posting this from Starbucks after having been to the cinema by myself to watch Harry Potter (which, incidentally, was brilliant!).

I'm sipping a soya gingerbread latte and listening to Christmas songs (surely far too early for those?) and it's making me think about presents. I don't want to call this a wish list post because I don't think any of my "real life" people read this and will get inspiration from it, plus I'm odd with presents anyway and LOVE surprises so it wouldn't really be a surprise if I pointed them in the direction of this post, if that makes sense?

So it's not a wish list, it's mostly just things I would like but haven't got round to/can't afford to buy for myself. Yeah, it's probably a wish list isn't it?

Also, because Blogger SUCKS at uploading photos and I'm about to run out of time on the parking meter and am going MENTAL in a public place and shouting at the internet, there are no photos, just links. I'm very sorry. I hate posts without pics. Click on the links to see pictures of pretty pretty things or just use lashings of imagination.

If the links don't work then I wouldn't be surprised. Take pity on the crazy lady in the grey cloche hat in Starbucks in Hereford who looks as if she is about punch the internet in the face.

EDIT - Woopity von woop woop, the wifi appears to be working again! Here are some pictures. I would edit out the crazy ranting but it amuses me, so it's staying.

A "Go Away I'm Reading" mug from The Literary Gift Company
Laura posted this on her blog a few weeks ago and I absolutely love it. It would tie in my affections with my sequinned eyemask that says "**** off"

H&M blue scarf/snood thing - I couldn't share a photo of it anyway as the H&M website is awful (and swamped with people trying to get hold of the unimpressive Lanvin stuff probably).
I was drawn to the colour of this first of all but then I stroked it and I fell in love. For something 100% acrylic it feels amazing. Do I need more scarves though? Not really, so I bought a clutch instead (which I actually did need).

Debo Devonshire's latest book, Wait For Me: Memoirs of the Youngest Mitford Sister. I am about 98% certain I will be getting a copy of this from at least one of my friends - it'll probably be like last year when I ended up with two copies of In Tearing Haste.

Downton Abbey. I didn't watch this when it was on tv (missed the first ep and never caught up, d'oh!) but I must see it.

Accessorize reverse knit cable ear muffs
No explanation needed really - they're awesome. I love a good pair of earmuffs.

Mr B's Reading Spa Treatment
This is just a genius idea for a present. The idea of a proper spa doesn't appeal to me at all but a BOOK spa, hello! I live nowhere near Bath but it's worth going just for that, don't you think?

Coin bracelet
Just one of those things that I've always quite wanted but never got round to buying

Revolving book stand.
Beautiful and practical. Sadly v. expensive.

A Hello to Jason Isaacs tshirt
Every loyal follower of Wittertainment should have one. Preferably worn whilst handing out codes of conduct to unruly cinema goers.

Postcards from Penguin
I have vague ideas of turning these into a big piece of wall art. Such classic design.

Henry Cavill. Well, a girl can dream...

ps - if I can't fix the wifi I'll probably be a bit gappy with commenting until I get back. I can do it from my phone on some blogs but it's a killer on the eyes.


  1. Go knock on the door and ask the cottage lady to fix it!? She'll be happy to help, once you've reassured her you're not knocking due to melting anything else -it's a different kind of meltdown!! :D xx

  2. I‘m pretty much gutted I missed Downton Abbey too, I’d actually gone to the effort of recording it and setting the series link, for someone to ‘accidentally’ delete it off the planner. I was hoping they might repeat it sometime, because what I did see in clips looked really good.

    Those postcards would look amazing on a wall display and the revolving book stand is pretty much genius. A girl should always have a wish list, because one day it might just come in handy. (Cue lotto win) x

  3. We have the postcard from Penguin and haven't done anything with them yet. Might have to do a wall of our own. And I was going to post about the literary gift co this week! Hope you'll realise I'm not copying if I still do. x

  4. Oh no! We don't get to see you this week? That can't be right. Great choices, I remember seeing that mug and immediately thinking of you. I got Jon a Penguin covers notebook and pencil set for his birthday, he loves them but thinks they are too precious to use. xxx
    PS Thank you for the divine parcel! Love it all, You are such a fabulous friend.

  5. Alex, I so wish I could buy you that mug!

  6. Yes that mug is perfect for you I want one too, and I want a **** off eyemask badly - where was that from?!?
    Hello Jason Issacs T Shirt is on my list too :), might buy hubbie one.
    I know we can't see you but glad you are in that lovely cloche hat.
    Kandi x

  7. Blogger can be a mischief when it likes, can't it? Completely unrelated to this post, I've mentioned one of your old posts ( in one of my posts and have linked back to you. I hope that's ok - any probs, give me a shout! x

  8. I'd fight you for those Penguin Postcards! If you like those, you'll love the mittens I'm knitting at the moment.

  9. Haha! What a brilliant wish list!

    I'm a little bit in love with Jason Issacs after seeing him in the new Harry Potter (which was AMAZING wasnt it!)

    That book spa is the most brilliant idea that i've ever heard! I want that in my life.

    And I can vouch that the postcards are beautiful and worth every penny, each of them is so pretty!


  10. Who's Henry Cavill? Am I missing out? :)
    Glad you got the wifi working and are enjoying your solo holiday. I think I need to take one. I'm going to be in our hotel (paid for by David's work) for a week on my onesie so am looking forward to reading and movie-going alone.

    Brilliant list - I hope you find a revolving bookcase in an oppy somewhere soon :)

  11. I'm glad you didn't edit out your crazy rantings - they amused me too!

  12. I wanted to watch Downton Abbey too, but never got around to actually catching any episodes - though I saw the adverts plenty!

  13. So when you're done watching Downton Abbey and reading Wait for Me and drinking tea out of your kick ass mug will you pass all of them on to me please?


  14. Hope you are having a fab time away Alex. Your wish list all looks fantastic. Hope santa brings you some!

    I'm totally with you on the spa package. Bibliotherapy... I'm there!

    I had to google this Henry chap as I hadn't heard of him but that picture is certainly a motivator to find out more, delicious! x

  15. Lovely list of things! You simply must watch Downton Abbey, so, so goooood. Love that mug too. I thought Jason Isaacs was on your wishlist too, but why not after all? I'm going to see Harry Potter tonight! xx

  16. lol, it's probably weird to comment twice, but only just saw the comment about punching the internet in the face - i feel like that daily rE: whichever bit of technology isn't working that day.

    and the snoood is soooo pretty! :)


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