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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

You've got to love that moment in a shop when something is missing a price label and you take it up to the till in hope/dread/anticipation of what the actual price is. It is one of the most satisfying things in the world when the answer is "Oh, let's call it £2.99" I sense that perhaps it was cheap because no-one else would want it but I did and that's the main thing.

I call it my clown top.


I know it doesn't look amazing in this photo - for starters it's too big but I shall solve that with a belt or something. I think it also deserves to be paired up with something more stylish than some ancient M&S leggings but I'm working with my holiday wardrobe and it was either these or pj bottoms... Basically though, I love it. I can't resist a piece of clothing that makes me smile when I catch sight of myself wearing it.

I haven't been wearing it all day though. Today was the first day this week with actual sunshine so I took myself out for a walk in the countryside. Is it possible to dress for proper walking and still look good? If so, I don't think I achieved it. My socks are fun though (yes, that is Indiana Jones).

Jeans - Dorothy Perkins
Jumper - River Island
Scarf - Next Clearance
Headband/earwarmer thing - Primark
Boots - Lidl
Jacket - Regatta


  1. A belt and shorts for summer, maxi skirt for winter (if you can find one in navy or red, black wouldn't work). What a score, I have all too few of those moments, but they are wonderful when they come. x

  2. Wow! Love it. Totally something I'd have snapped up especially with that glorious sleeve detail. I'd wear a pair of hot pants underneath and grey opaques with killer ankle boots.
    The cosy outfit is soooo cute. xxx

  3. love ur sox :) indi rocks on sox :)

  4. Omg those ruffles are a delight! It'll look even cuter belted. You look so good in that cosy headband too. x

  5. Dearest Alex, your fabulous package arrived this morning. Thank you so much I adore it all. I shall take pics and blog it when I go home. I had to run out in a hurry to get to a funeral today. Your parcel will also be winging it's way to you at the end of the week. Thank you again, Love C xx

    PS. You must be psychic. I put together pictures for a post on Vix last night. All will be revealed v soon!

  6. Loving the headband on you and the socks are great.

  7. Okay Miss Ready for Winter!!! =)
    I love the ruffle detail on the sleeves of your top. They are so sweet.

  8. Aw,the rumply, mixed up socks are adorable!! And ever so cosy!!
    Awesome top,loads of fun!!Most excellent price!! I've had that happen,and it is most gratifying!
    Love!! xxxxx

  9. Oh yes two pairs of socks all round - brr! Love the top! My granny's terrible in charity shops - if she deems something overpriced, she'll take the sticker off and say "This hasn't got a price on. I'll give you £1.50 for it!" - shocker eh?!

  10. Haha well done, great find! Glad you got some sunshine on your holidays! x

  11. Ohhh you look snuggly and warm. I love the ruffles on your new top too x

  12. Love the ruffle detail on the clown top - cute!

    Sally x

  13. I was contemplating buying one of those Primark headbands the other day but left the shop without one, thinking I didn’t need one. But I think they look so cosy for winter.

    I always get scared when something doesn’t have a price, and then stupidly work out a ridiculous price in my head but am most often delighted that it’s actually a fraction of the price I had estimated x

  14. Brilliant outfit - I LOVE it when something is much cheaper than you think it will be when you get to the till! x

  15. I love the headband you are wearing for you walk.

    I think shorts would look great with the top. Love the ruffles on it.


  16. Love the top it will look fab belted. I think you look really great in your walking outfit too, as others have said that headband is fabulous. Love the socks. xxx

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  18. Aww you look really cosy - and don't worry, you look cool too, love that jumper! x

  19. I really, really need one of those primark head/ear warmer things because I do not DO hats.

    Love the clown top! x

  20. Ooooh, what a great bargain for £2.99. Always a fab surprise when the price is less than you'd be prepared to pay! xx


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