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Friday, 23 April 2010

Namely, some sunshine, a first outing for some new (and slightly mad) shoes, a good book, taking myself outside for a picnic lunch, a pretty frock and an ott cocktail ring.

I find sunshine immensely cheering. My office gets barely any natural daylight and a 150W lightbulb is a must all year round, so I like to take any chance I can get to escape outside the building and enjoy the beautiful gardens. An ancient work fleece gets pressed into service as a picnic blanket, the shoes come off and I sit and bask in the sunshine, scoff my lunch and enjoy some quality time reading and listening to birdsong.

The one bad point about the sunny weather? My camera doesn't cope with it very well. Today's pics were taken in the early evening (next to the shed, how glamorous) and funny things happened. Most didn't turn out at all so the ones below are the best of a bad bunch, plus one taken in the loo at work (again with the glamorous location!)

Dress & cardi - Primark
Leggings - M&S
Shoes - Irregular Choice, via ebay
Ring - DP
Owl necklace - ancient, raided from the bottom of my jewellery box


  1. Yes, sunshine has definitely been much needed after the winter!! You look fabulous here!

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    clothed much, a modest fashion blog

  2. So cute!! Love the colour of the cardi!And the shoes are quite delightfully mad indeed!!That small loral is rather pretty-in fact,you just look pretty,full stop!!x

  3. What a pretty outfit. Is that feathers on the shoes!?!

    Lovely to get outside and make the most of your break. x

  4. A lovely spring outfit. You look beautiful.
    Vicki xx

  5. Yay , i lovce this outfit and the shoes suit you so well :) xx

  6. Gorgeous outfit, i love the shoes xx

  7. I love that pretty floral dress, so beautiful!

  8. i love a cup of coffee and a book in the morning :)

  9. Love your outfit Alex, and I so want to raid your books!

  10. Oh, getting out in the sun and reading a good book at lunchtime is such a great idea. Lovely dress and cardi - the colours really suit you. x

  11. ahhh that looks like a lovely afternoon! sunshine, reading and a cup of tea


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