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Wednesday, 19 May 2010

I have been full of them today. Entirely shallow doubts, all outfit related. I think that I should perhaps be worrying about the big things in life but then again, my thighs fall into this category!

I'm not usually this bad, honest. I blame my first outfit choice of the day. I had a very pretty frock all hung up and ready to wear, then I tried it on and realised it was too big and too long and looked ridiculous. Argh! I was already running late and 4 other outfits later, all of which looked awful for one reason or another, I flung this on in desperation. I didn't realise until I got to work that perhaps someone my size shouldn't be showing this much thigh. Do I even like this top? Do the wedges go with the rest of the outfit? Does my hair look ridiculous? Should I have put some makeup on?

Top - DP
Leggings - New Look
Wedges - Office

But really, is any of that even remotely important? No it's not. So off I go to do something more interesting and less soul destroying than fretting about pointless, shallow things. And let's be honest, if it was that bad I wouldn't have dared post pictures of it!


  1. You look fab as ever, but I understand your frustrations. I try about 3 outfits on each morning before finally settling on something I still don't feel happy with. Rest assured you are beautiful and always look great!!
    Your fellow doubter, Kandi xx

  2. I really like that outfit - in the thumbnail pic on my 'reading list' thingy, I'd already thought "ooh I like that top", before I'd actually read any of your post..

    But I do understand how these doubts & insecurities can grab you & eat away at you, however much other people tell you otherwise.

    I spend FAR too long in the mornings trying to decide what to wear. Either because I have NO idea, & far too many things to choose from (none of which look right when I put them on) - or because I've pre-thought about it the nighte before, planned what I'm going to wear, then it doesn't work when I actually put it on for some reason, leading me to desperately & frantically find something else asap!

    I just want to add, that at least your problem with your pre-chosen outfit was that it was too big - wish I had that problem every so often! Every thing I try on is too small :p

    This has turned into a stupidly long apologise for my babbling!

  3. That top looks amazing on you!! Everyone has these days, but believe me - you look fab!! x

  4. I agree with what everyone has so far said. That top is beautiful; I love the detailing around the top, so pretty.

    I can relate to this so much. I am a devil when it comes to choosing an outfit. Whatever I choose I always find a reason not to like it. And believe me I know what it's like to get out of the house and feel all the regret at the chosen outfit. I get really self conscious and just think why on earth I chose to wear this in the first place.

    A big problem of mine is that I often cling to comfort zones, I wear jeans most of the time, so If I am to wear a skirt, I will immediately have a million and one worries and feel uncomfortable, without even beginning to think whether the skirt actually matches my outfit or not.

    I personally really like this outfit on you. But I do understand what you are saying. :)

  5. You look fiiiiine! Everyone has their off days - I certainly do - but trust me, you look great.

  6. I get days like that, ultimate frustrating. You look fabulous though, and always do.


  7. You look lovely Alex. It is really hard to stop these feelings getting to you but just think about how hard you have worked and how great you look for it. X

  8. Eeeexactly! I get all worked up when I can't find anything to wear (usually solved by shopping... so not healthy!) and then I think back and decide it didn't actually look bad at all, and in your case, it actually looked rather fabulous! :) x

  9. I was having one of these days today, but you look gorgeous! And thanks for the amazing comment, it really lifted my spirits. xxx

  10. I had one of these days on Wednesday.I had a moment when I saw the pics we took today!I have days when I worry about my size,my boobs,my age,and wondering if I am dressing appropriately.Then I think-FUCK IT!!!!Luckily,I don't have those days toooo often.
    I think you are a real cutie.Wish me luck whist I have a spazz in a couple of hours time working out what to wear tonight.x

  11. Very cute top. I hate not being able to find something to wear. I often resort to shopping..ahhh!

  12. Hi Alex!

    Thanks so much for the beautiful card and kind comment.
    I always lay me outfit on the bed and visualise a stranger wearing it. If it looks good I get dressed. If I have a wobble I remember how good it looked sans me and forget about it.
    You always look beautiful!

  13. I love it on you! I went to a party in black jeans and a tunic tee shirt last week because everything looked horrible on me. xx


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