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Monday, 3 May 2010

Evening all.

I'm back from a wonderful weekend in Wales with all the girls I lived with in 3rd year uni. Ah, such fun. Cameras were an interchangeable accessory all weekend so I'll have to wait till the others have sent me their photos before I pick the best ones and delight you all with them. We were perhaps overly fond of the video function this weekend. There now exists a video of me dancing (v. badly) to the Beach Boys on Just Dance on the Wii and shouting (in a curiously Scouse voice) at the computer for not giving me any points. Oh dear. Perhaps I'll refrain from sharing the joys of that one with you.

So if I have no outfit photos to show you, what on earth do I talk about? I suppose whatever strikes my fancy. And today my fancy is to chatter on about horses. If you'll be bored by that, best to skip the rest of this. I won't mind; I don't expect anyone else to have much interest in three day eventing. Clothes talk will resume in the next day or so but I don't want that to be all that this blog is about.

It was Badminton this weekend. No, not the game with shuttlecocks, but the high point of the eventing calendar. This year I had to miss my usual practice of curling up on the sofa, sticking on BBCinteractive and watching about 8 solid hours of cross country. I recorded the highlights but it's just not the same. Ah well, it will tide me over for a fortnight until I get to go to Chatsworth and see some live action for myself. Can't wait!

Paul Tapner won on his fantastic little horse Inonothing and I am so pleased for him. He's not my favourite rider (Oli Townend, my heart belongs entirely to you) but I have a super soft spot for him, mainly as a result of going to see him at Bramham horse trials many years ago (crumbs, I've just discovered it was in 2000, eek!) and being thoroughly pleased by the way he shouted "Good BOY!" very loudly at his horse after almost every fence. What a sweetie.

Can I illustrate this blog entry with lots of pictures to show you how wonderfully brave and athletic they both are? Hmm, that would be a no. All the pics seem to be emblazoned with copyright and I don't want to get ticked off or anything. If you want to watch him jump the last fence and give Inonothing a big hug, the vid is here. There is this tiddly little pic I suppose:

I love all forms of horse sport but eventing is definitely my favourite. There's just so much to enjoy - the skill of dressage, the boldness of cross country and the nail biting tension of showjumping, plus a chance to walk round some gorgeous scenery and usually lots and lots of tempting shopping on offer! I do wish more people appreciated it - I don't think you need to be horsey to enjoy watching it but I've not yet managed to convert anyone into becoming my regular eventing companion. Good job I don't mind going by myself isn't it?!


  1. i'm glad that you have enjoyed a lovely weekend :) xx

  2. hurrah for fun weekends!

    and nope, the Primark shoes have sadly not cured the Kate Kanzier lusting. Maybe they shall be a post hospital treat :)

  3. Sounds like the perfect weekend for a horsey lass like yourself. I'd love to have seen you dancing to the Beach Boys....any chance it's been recorded for posterity on a friend's mobile and it's going to make an appearance on You Tube in the not-too-distant future?

  4. Horses are such beautiful animals... I love them.

  5. Sounds like a brilliant weekend. Looking forward to the pics and hopefully an embarrassing video or two will emerge! xx

  6. Yay for dancing to the Beach Boys!! Would LOVE to see that.......
    I love horses,but am scared of them.In my youth I read all those horsey books for girls!

  7. Yay. So glad you had a good weekend Alex. Can't wait to see the pics and hopefully this videa too. x


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