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A giveaway, because I'm feeling happy!

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Perhaps it isn't the done thing to have a giveaway when you only have 20 followers? I don't know, I'm new to this blogging malarkey. But what the heck, I'm going to do it anyway, just because all of you who follow and/or comment on here are lovely people who brighten my days up considerably and I wanted to say thank you. Despite being uber-stressed at the moment, I'm still feeling fairly happy with life so wanted to spread the joy a little.

The prize is a random assortment of goodies:

Sequinned and beaded scarf (very pretty but hasn't photographed to best advantage), No7 eyeshadow palette and Liplicious lipgloss in Marshmallow and B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful eyeshadow in Bay. And a mystery item of jewellery which isn't pictured, just to keep you all guessing!

To enter, be a follower and pop a comment on this post telling me something that's made you happy today. It's open to everyone and will close in a week, so that's Wed 3rd March at 10pm GMT.

Good luck everyone!


  1. My happy thing is i have a job interview today for the first time in a year :) x

  2. Wow! You generous old thing, you! Fancy thinking of us when you've had such a sh***y day at work, bless ya.
    What's making me happy today is a jumble sale at 2pm this afternoon plus the after effects of the Rioja I polished off last night.
    Hope today's a good day for you, Alex.

  3. my happy thing today is that it's payday and i get to decide how i spend this month's wages all by myself :) i feel free!! and also liverpool shopping excitement..xx

  4. Aw what a fantastic giveaway :)

    I'm happy today because I'm getting ready to spend a weekend in London with friends :) xx

  5. Great giveaway! I wonder if I should do the same thing on mine?

    Whats making me happy today is my lovely swishy swishy skirt....haha bit lame but it really has made me happy!

  6. I'm happy because my Urban Decay Alice Pallette has arrived and I'm going out tonight AND tomorrow night.

    I'm going to a giveaway at 30 followers I think, I'm up to 26, I did plan 25 but it took me by surprise and I have nothing to give away!


  7. Wow, you generous thing!

    I am happy today as it is one day closer to the weekend!

  8. Awww thats very sweet of you. My happy things today is the big bunch of flowers that I was given for doing 2 night shifts. x

  9. What made me happy today was collecting my lovely new Chopstixwaits skirt from the post office, it is so beautiful I didn't even grumble at the £19 customs charge! x

  10. Oh how sweet and lovely, thanks!

    My happy thing is having the boy back from his Welsh exile and annoying me round my flat :)

  11. Alex, you lovely girl you.

    My happy thing is that my sister just phoned to say that she has been offered a brill new job fifteen minutes after being given a 'lucky cookie' and will send one down to me to help me in my job pursuits! :)

  12. Ah Alex, how lovely of you.
    My happy thing today was finding a pair of shiny red leather wedges in the Topshop sale for £10. In my size!
    Vicki xx

  13. Something that made me happy today...

    the wonderful girlies of MSE :)


  14. How nice are you!!

    Well what made me happy today, walking to the shop on my own for 5 minutes (grandad babysat)to get chocolate cake, then getting a big hug from my boys upon my return. I'd only been gone 5 mins!! xxx

  15. aw this is so lovely!

    What made me happy today?

    Getting a package of lush goodies in the post- a perfect addition to my soothing bath after a tough day! x

  16. Figured I might as well do this, seeing as I was here anyway :)

    Something that made me happy today (& most days) was seeing my absolutely gorgeous, 13month old nephew - he's a cheeky little monkey who ALWAYS makes me smile :) He's amazing, I love him! He makes me happy :)


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