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Reasons to be cheerful

Friday, 12 February 2010

1) It's Friday, therefore yay! Ok, so I am in work tomorrow and therefore only get half a weekend, but tonight I have a bottle of Prosecco in the fridge, risotto cooking for dinner and a thoroughly chilled out evening planned.

2) I lost 3lbs this week so that makes a stone lost since 1st Jan. Woop!

3) The Irregular Choice shoes arrived yesterday and oh my, I am smitten. The camera (as per usual) isn't showing them to their best advantage - they're such a wonderful rich shade of red. And pink velvet lining, just too brilliant. I think they're going to be sort of shoes that you put on and instantly find your mood lifted.

4) Post! I love getting things in the post (well, not boring stuff obviously). Today's fun stuff consisted of Horse & Hound magazine, a book that I'd totally forgotten I was being sent and a parcel chockfull of loveliness from the wonderful Char (

5) The evenings are getting so much lighter recently. It seems as if things have dramatically improved over just the past couple of days. It's sooooo nice not to have to walk from work to the car in the dark anymore.

6) I had a great time at my favourite cinema ( last night as Dad and I went to see the mighty Mark Kermode give a talk. Front row seats too! Dad, being the generous and wonderful soul that he is, treated me to this:

As you can see, tis now a signed copy! I was a bit too bashful to ask for any kind of witty dedication but he shook my hand and we had a lovely conversation about the genius of Mary Poppins and some random French horror film. Such a friendly, warm man - we were right towards the end of a long queue and he was still so charming to us.

7) I felt quite nice today. Outfit consisted of:

Leggings - Evans
Top - Dorothy Perkins
Heeled brogues - New Look
Hairband - a piece of ribbon formerly used to tie up a Lush gift box.

I do seriously adore this top. So comfy, a beautiful print and in my favourite colour. It is perhaps a teensy bit short but what the heck. And as I managed to chop my feet off in the photo, here's a closeup of the wonderousness of the shoes (and not-so wonderous baggy tights!)

What's cheering you up tonight?


  1. Just a quickie. Love the new shoes. Love the brown shoes and well done you on the weight loss!!!!!!! xxx

  2. Well done on the weightloss, that's fab.

    Love the IC shoes but what would you wear them with?

    I love the brown shoes, they are just beautiful, I'm after a pair like that myself

    Enjoy your chilled out friday eve x

    Queenie xx

  3. <3 IC shoes. I really like your top today, I think you look very pretty. Great repurposing of a gift ribbon too.

  4. What a lovely post Alex. It's refreshing to hear someone so upbeat and glad you are having a happy day xx
    Fantastic weight loss this year, you are doing so well, and your outfit is lovely what a pretty print and shoes!
    I am a ribbon saver too! I use mine to make cards!
    Vicki xx

  5. Love the red shoes with the pink lining I bet they must be a pleasure to look at (lol!)
    From Dolly

  6. Oh, don't you look pretty? Your hair is gorgeous and I love the ribbon recycling idea, you ought to send the photo to Lush for their mag!
    You lucky girl meeting Mark! I'd have been tongue-tied too, as I am meeting anyone I admire.
    Have a fab weekend, Vix
    PS Boots, what can I say? Fabulous!

  7. Well done on the weight the IC shoes Im so jealous also love your brown brogues they are on my list of things to get (Im so bad at keeping up lol)

  8. Congrats on the weight loss and damn those ICs!

    I love getting post, I should totally spam you with laura-mail as I LOVE sending it!

  9. Wow, you look beautiful! I love your outfit, it is so flattering on you! I love the leggings and the green tunic/dress/shirt. Those shoes are just incredible :) YES! to prosecco! haha and congrats on the 3lb loss, and those red shoes are ammmaaaazing!!!!!!

  10. Wowzers on the shoes! Both pairs! Can I have them please? I NEED new shoes!!! xx

  11. Ahhhh gimme those shoes! I'm a sucker for brightly colored shoes. They're gorgeous. I also really like the ones you're wearing. - love your blog, btw, thanks for your comment on mine! :)


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