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The problem with jeans...

Thursday, 11 February 2010

is that I'm starting to wonder whether they really suit me. I've lived in them for years but recent photos are making me wonder. You probably can't even tell in this photo (I really am sorry for dodgy camerawork but I'm seriously considering getting a new one as this current beast is driving me demented). I think it all just blurs into one, too much black.

Black velvet blazer
Sepia spooky print tshirt - Dorothy Perkins
Jeans - ditto
Black boots - Evans
Grey cableknit scarf - Next clearance store
Grey Fairisle mittens - Matalan

Wore my hair up today which I haven't done for a while - sort of scruffy and loopy but I quite like it.

Perhaps I'm just wearing them with the wrong things? Today's outfit looks ok in the mirror (I would like the jacket to be a slightly better fit as it's a tad too big now) but I feel all out of proportionally pear-shaped and huge in the photos. All my jeans are bootcut which I always thought was meant to balance things out but it doesn't seem to be doing the trick here. And weirdly I think my legs look alright in leggings or tights so why so awful here? Perhaps I should ban tops and jackets that finish at my waistline.

Any thoughts girls? All constructive comments welcome! Wish I wasn't so hopeless at knowing how to dress.

ps - tomorrow's entry will feature the beautiful new shoes, hurrah!


  1. Well can I just say that I am useless at the fashion/dressing thing. I'm good when it comes to having trendy toddlers but me.uuummmm....... Anyway as I am trying to get better thought I would share this with you.
    I find bootcut jeans make my legs look wider(not sure why) and I hate it if they sag and bag which they normally do. I now buy straight leg jeans which seem to slim down my thighs better (the biggest part of me!!) though I always tend to go for drak wash and not stone which helps. I also think my legs look ok in tights and leggings but doesnt make sense really does it. Also just to add I tend to wear t-shirts tucked in (to jeans)with longer cardi's etc to give a more defined shape. Not sure what I'll do come the summer cuz this has become my staple. Cross that bridge when I get there.
    Sure that hasn't helped but thought I would add my 2p worth!! Catherinexxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Gorgeous hair, Alex! Wish I could be as creative.
    I think you need some "fit and flare" jeans rather than bootcut, more figure hugging to show your shape.
    Enjoy Mark Kermode, I'm jealous!

  3. ps forgot to add, your hair looks ace!!! xx

  4. I think you look lovely! If you wanted to try a new shape of jeans, what about straight leg? They're not as scary as skinnies but more edgy than bootcut and very flattering. I think you'd rock them!

    Love that velvet blazer. :)

  5. Loving the twisty hair and that velvet blazer. I would agree with Vix on the jeans.

  6. Your hair looks brilliant! I really like this outfit actually and it suits you but I know what you mean about feeling better in leggings, I always feel so huge in jeans, in fact any outfit which doesn't involve a skirt or dress x

  7. your hair is beautiful.

    When I was losing weight I found that it was important to wear things that fitted, I tried to make do with what I had until I'd lost the weight but it didn't do anything for my confidence. So I bought a couple of things here and there rather than replacing my whole wardrobe every time I lost a dress size xx

  8. well i love your hair first of all. and I have a short torso, i always try and lengthen it out with longer tshirts or blouses, but that can be difficult. I think you are great to wear leggings and do you have any skinnys? they'd look fab on you. :)

  9. If you like your legs in leggings that probably means you have nice shapely legs, so yeah, a pair of straights or skinnies would suit you better than bootflares.
    I think you need to inject a touch of colour into this particular outfit too, it's just a touch drab as is. Love your hair, though.

  10. ohh your hair looks lovely,
    I'm clueless when it comes to jeans so I cant advise,
    but I'm looking forward to seeing the new shoesss xx


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