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From the dregs of my wardrobe...

Thursday, 18 February 2010

I am rapidly coming to the end of my clean clothes. Must try and do some washing and ironing very soon or I'll be going to work in my pj's! Ach, it's just so difficult to try and fit everything in at the moment. If I'm not actually at work then I'm doing work at home (have only just finished stapling together a mammoth pile of handouts for a training session I'm running tomorrow) and the dull houseworky stuff just seems to fall by the wayside.

So today I pulled this black jumper out of the very back of the wardrobe. It was a desperate purchase pre-diet when I needed something smartish and was basically limited to Evans in terms of shops available to me. I don't particularly like it - I feel as if the decoration round the neckline is a bit old ladyish - but I thought I'd give it another go. It won't be part of my wardrobe much longer as it's already too big.

Jumper - Evans
Jeans - Dorothy Perkins (do I shop anywhere else? Not often!)

Worn with my Minnie Mouse shoes (Irregular Choice via ebay). The perfect thing to jazz up an all black outfit!


  1. Perfect shoes and such a pretty jumper! Not "old-ladyish" at all, a bit of lace is cool.

  2. Great shoes - I like the jumper too. Lace is really all about how you wear it, and I don't consider black lace old-ladyish... in fact it makes me think of that Alice Cooper song!

  3. lovely shoes!
    they're so pretty!

  4. I like the jumper too - could you wear it big or alter it?

  5. Those shoes are fab, and really like the sheer detailing on the jumper, definately not old ladyish!

  6. LOVE the IC's alex :)
    I think it all looks fab together! xx

  7. What cool shoes. I like a bit of lace/granny chic!
    Hope your training goes well x

  8. Those shoes are fab and I like your jumper too not old lady-ish at all!

  9. I love your jumper, and those shoes are just awesome x


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