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Monday Blues

Monday, 8 February 2010

Well I'll start this one off with apologies for the quality of my camerawork. I seriously need to learn how to take some better photos of myself (and ones that don't involve me looking like a double chinned weirdo!). However with that said, get a load of me being brave enough to post an actual photo of myself!

Today's outfit consists of black tights, black leggings (not warm enough at work to just wear tights), a tunic/smock type thing (very old - I used to wear it as a top in my larger days) and a bargaintastic cosy black cardi from the Next clearance store near where I work. The blue of the top doesn't really show up too well in the pic but it's quite vivid so I kept the rest of the outfit simple. All paired up with these rather sweet black suede heels that I rediscovered in the bottom of my wardrobe

I'm now off to catchup on some Project Runway and ponder purchasing these beauties:


  1. Ohhh god, those red booties. WANT!

  2. Alex! Can't believe I've only just found you. I LOVE the title of your blog - what a great rhyme!

    Gorgeous red booties. Please do buy! I have to shop through others now. :)

  3. Hooray! I've seen you at last! That blue is lovely on you and those red booties are gooorgeous!

  4. The red booties are just incredible. I like your glasses too, very hip. :)

  5. love the shoes!

  6. Those red boots are tooo gorgeous! Lovely to see you at last!

  7. I LOVE these red shoes!! mega cute!! xo

  8. get them alex!!
    oh have you seen the heart print flick flack ones on the website?

  9. Pah, all this talk of IC shoes and I'm a barge-footed size 9 and can't buy them! Probably just as well...
    You're photo is great, don't stress on it =) x

  10. Great to see you. I hate having my photo taken too, but glad you found the courage. Am SOOOO loving the red boots! Not sure they would be practicle for me with the kids (BUMMER!!) but they will look great on you!xx


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