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Tuesday, 23 February 2010

1) Wearing a jumper.

2) Looking at the floor.

Sorry about the latter - I have a big double chin going on in the rest of the photos for some bizarre reason. But I'm not apologising about the jumper. I flipping love jumpers and this is just so cosy and warm. And it was a nice excuse to wear another pair of lovely shoes.

Jumper & broderie anglaise trimmed top - Dorothy Perkins
Leggings - M&S
Shoes - New Look
Necklace - Tu

And as I was heading out (in the snow) to the theatre this evening, I bundled up in jacket and many woolly accessories. The jumper has totally ridden up in this pic - I haven't been flashing that much thigh all day!

Jacket - George
Pashmina - ancient
Hat - also ancient
Armwarmers - a handmade Christmas present from my lovely friend Sharon - ribbon woven in and they have jingle bells on them!

Vix wanted to know about yesterday's hair - I just put it into three plaits (one at each side and one at the back) when it was wet, slept with it like that and then undid them in the morning and shook them out a bit. Quite pleased with how the waves lasted actually as they usually fall out and just look limp for the rest of the day. Unfortunately my hair has now rebelled today and gone super static-y and flyaway, grr!


  1. Ah i have those shoes and adore them! Love them with that dress too :)

    I do the plait thing too, its so easy! :) x

  2. Ahh, thanks Alex. I used to do that with tiny plaits - apparently less is more, I'll definately be trying that out.
    I love those co-respondent, Al Capone shoes and the arm warmers are a splendid accessory.

  3. Nice outfit Alex. I love those shoes. I saw them and really wanted them but they didn't have my size left :(


  4. Love the shoes!! :)
    And the handwarmers are fab, I want to learn how to knit properly!

  5. Ahh love the shoes and the handwarmers are so cute- looking good :)

  6. Love the shoes and you look so cute and snuggly dressed to go out.
    What a lovely gift from your friend. Handmade presents are so touching aren't they?
    Vicki xx

  7. Aww your shoes are just amazing... You look so comfy and cute in those clothes!

  8. Oh you look so sweet all wrapped up against the cold!

  9. Love your wrapped up outfit, looks so warm! Can't go wrong with a failsafe jumper and leggings look!

  10. Those shoes are just adorable. And I looooooove the beret!

  11. Super cute armwarmers! And for a heads up, that ring below IS rutile. It's lovely!


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