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Saturday, 27 February 2010

So Monday heralds the dawn of the long awaited shopping trip. I haven't been properly shopping for an awfully long time and I am partly looking forward to it but partly filled with dread at the thought of having to try on things and look at myself in mirrors all day. But I'm now 5 stones lighter than I was in August last year (woohoo!) so perhaps I just need to get a grip and start thinking that maybe I'm not so mahoosive anymore. I shall try and think positive.

Still haven't worked out exactly what my budget is but I do need to keep it restrained. And although I'd rather not buy my entire wardrobe from Primark, I need a fair amount of new basic things that hopefully won't fit in a few months so I don't really see the point in spending much on them.


Jeans - no idea what style will suit me best but I'm prepared to try on as many pairs as it takes until I find something that looks good.
Frocks - lots of them!
Many many pairs of delightfully coloured tights
Plain long sleeved v neck tshirts
Boyfriend cardi (or two)
Plain black cardi - I have a crafty project in mind
Trainers of some description
Pretty florals
Most likely something green


Cricket sweater
The blue sequinned IC heels I've been lusting after
Longish fitted shirt
Knee high boots (but only if they're cheap enough)
Ballet pumps
City shorts (but only if they actually suit me as I'm not entirely convinced they will)
Lots of new jewellery

When that's all written down it seems like quite a dull list! I suppose I'm just out of shopping practice and I still don't really know what suits me, so it'll probably be a case of trying on an enormous amount of stuff and picking what I like.

Any suggestions?


  1. What an excting list! You deserve a masive treat after that stupendous weightloss.

    Definately get some city shorts and short dresses because you've got legs that need to be showed off.
    Jewellery - yes, lots! Nothing updates a wardrobe more than some key pieces.
    A pair of skinny flares will be a good wardrobe staple as will a boyfriend cardi (black and teal or purple)and some good quality leggings.
    Personally I'd wait till the autumn for long boots, styles change and you've only got the choice of the tail-end of the season.
    Have a great time buying, can't wait to see what you get.

  2. for ballet pumps topshop has a pair at the moment that are £16 and looks like real ballet shoes, the dusty pink colour, really soft and with the small rope feeling bows. Plus jeans with stretch in the fabric are always the best :)

  3. I love making lists of such things :) I Hope you find everything you need, and at least one of your wants! x

  4. Thanks Alex, it sounds very organised.
    I wouldn't dismiss Primark altogether. In particular look out for the long sleeved T-shirts they're quite thin so you can layer under pretty dresses and at £2.50 can get one in every colour. The belts there are great too. I picked up one for 50p this week. You can always customise a buckle to make it different to everyone elses. Tights there are cheap and seem OK. Their cardis are pretty cheap and wash well. At the moment they have some quite thin cardis like T-shirt weight that would be nice for spring as not too warm.

    I hope you find everything you need and lots you want too!

    I can't wait to see your purchases!

    Vicki xxx

  5. Awesome weightloss, that inspires me! You should get anything and everything you like to flaunt the new bod :) And thanks for the comment, it helps. xxx

  6. Alex, I really hope you enjoy your shopping trip. You're amazing losing all that weight and deserve to treat yourself :0)

    I'd recommend trying some skinny jeans. I'd have never dreamed of wearing any before I saw people raving about them (I'm a size 16-18) and they really are surprisingly slimming !

    The list looks great and should keep you going for a while.

    Have fun love ! xx

  7. do check out Banana Republic for jewelery. Macy's having a huge one day sale, today. You'll probably fine your boots and probably everything you need there.

  8. Oh my word, congratulations on the weight loss! That must have been such an amazing achievement for you! You definitely deserve a treat.

    By the way, my nail varnish is Nails Inc. in Victoria & Albert...

  9. 5 stones is so amazing! congratulations. And how exciting, monday will be brilliant. Get to primark to get some some cheapy on trend bits! x

  10. That is some weight loss, well done you!!! That's amazing !!
    As for your list, I think it is anything but boring. Florals!!! That's daring to me!!
    Have a fab day tomorrow, and just want to second the remarks about the long sleeved tops from Primark, they come in loads of colours and wash really well. Have fun and can't wait to see what you get!! xxxx

  11. That's a great list and not at all dull! You've covered all the wardrobe basics as well as some more frivolous bits and bobs every closet must have! :)

  12. Have an amazing time shopping tomorrow. You are going with the right attitude, just try things on even if you wouldn't normally pick it up. Such a fabulous achievement with the weight loss, definitely deserves some celebrating. x

  13. it doesn't seem like a dull list at all! It seems very intelligent and great. I love how you've organized your thoughts ;) Shopping can be Sooo overwhelming!

  14. That is so exciting you get to buy yourself a new wardrobe!! Have you looked into consignment shops? Maybe you can get som e extra cash that way?

  15. Can't wait to see what you end up buying! Have a lovely day...


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