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Roll on March...

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

I loathe February. I know January is meant to be the gloomiest month of the year but honestly, there's never anything to look forward to in Feb. Shelling out for car insurance and breakdown cover and paying off the credit card has left me skint, I don't feel like the diet is going particularly well and work is AWFUL. My to-do list is currently running at 5 pages long and it all needs doing by 27th February when we open to the public. I have been on the verge of tears all day. I find it so hard to cope with all the stress and working till stupid o clock every night and the constant demands and lack of support from some of my colleagues. So please hurry up March, you can't come too soon!

When I feel this miserable I need comfort and cosiness in my clothes. I need a big cosy cardi or my familiar old jeans - I don't have the energy to try on outfits and try in vain to find something that looks good and then worry all day about whether it's too revealing or unflattering for a fattie to wear. But looking on the positive side, this tshirt hasn't fitted for about 4 years and the jeans are now ridiculously large (they look a wee bit baggy in this pic but I've had to keep hoicking them up all day)

Jeans - Dorothy Perkins
Tshirt -
Cardi - Tesco
Bangle - whipped from the charity shop pile - can't believe Mum was going to get rid of it!

And a close up of the tshirt logo:


  1. I love the cardi and the tee!

    And I know exactly what you mean about february. It's been much worse so far than January for me. Can't wait for the sun to start peeking through and the stress of work to just settle a bit!

    Hope you feel better soon :) x

  2. I hope things get better for you soon! The nights are getting shorter and spring is nearly here, honest!
    Funky outfit, love the "Retro Sucks" logo.

  3. Alex, don't fret, we're 2/5 of the way through evil Feb (just worked it out on my tiny calculator, so I may be wrong, but it sounds about right!) And there is more post on it's way to you to cheer you up :) xx

  4. Loe the Retro Sucks t-shirt, but damnit, I can't help but think the cardi does you no favours. Don't sell yourself short! xx

  5. I love your tee,

    sorry I dont have more to say xx


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