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Saturday, 6 February 2010

So then, after some gentle cajoling from the MSE fashion thread ladies, here I am. I had much fun playing around with finding a pretty background and sorting out colours and boxes, but now I actually have to write something, eek!

I suppose a general introduction is in order. I live in lovely Liverpool, the land of orange makeup, fake tan and slavish devotion to fashion trends, the more ott the better. As you'll probably grow to realise, I am nothing like that. I don't really do makeup, I'm pale and proud of it and I don't have the budget, figure or inclination to dress like most of the girls who live here. I'm also pleased to report that I've never been to the shops in my pyjamas or with my hair in rollers.

I've recently lost a lot of weight (4 1/2 stone in the past 6 months) but there's still more to go. My wardrobe is currently pretty limited as I don't see the point in spending much money now on things that hopefully won't fit in a few months. It's a bit of a mishmash of old things that are a bit too big but I'm still wearing and some newer and prettier stuff. I'm feeling a lot more confident about myself nowadays but I still haven't quite worked out what suits me and exactly what my sense of style is.

I was going to post a pic of today's outfit but every photo I've taken looks awful and I'm not feeling up to sharing them. Maybe next time. Here are a few details from it though:

Faux silver cocktail ring - a bargainous £1 in the Dorothy Perkins sale

A closeup of the print detail on my top - another £1 bargain, this time from Primark.

Not the jazziest of first posts but I hope to try and keep you entertained on here. Let me know if there's anything you'd like to see me post about - I'm totally new to this so I'm definitely open to suggestions!


  1. Hurrah, welcome to blogging Alex. I love your writing style and that gorgeous ring :)

  2. Loved your first post Alex. Well done on the weight loss :)

    My boyf is from lpool originally and he told me about people going to the shops in their PJ's and you know what I've never seen it the all the times I've visited so I reckon it's an urban myth.

    I'm new to blogging too so I can't give many hints other than go for it, enjoy it, it's your space for you xx

  3. Welcome to blogging, Alex! If you ever need to have a chat about books, I'm all ears (and mouth!) XD

    Fab cocktail ring and first post, I'm looking forward to the next one.

  4. That cocktail ring looks great, and such a bargain. Welcome to the world of blogging x

  5. Alex, so glad you are blogging too. Love your finds, my comments don't seem to be posting.

  6. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging, Alex!
    Cute ring.

  7. Hi Alex...Queenie here again *waves*

    Just to respond to your blog comments really...

    You can eat bramley apples raw but I think too many would give you an upset tummy! I usually cook them in the microwave for about 5 or 6 mins and sprinkle with nutmeg

    And the primark cardi - they sold out quite quickly I bought these ones back in the summer but I'm sure I saw some the other day when I was walking through. It's a good staple to have and for £10 you can't go wrong really!

    TA ta xx

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