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Monday, 28 June 2010

Hello lovelies. I hope this post scheduling lark goes to plan! I wanted to leave a couple of posts to show up whilst I'm away roadtripping this week but as usual, I lack the time and energy to stun you with anything particularly creative. Will some beautiful pictures do instead? I'm all for using other people's creativity instead of my own! I've been playing about on weheartit recently so here, in no particular order, are lots of my favourite things, people I like and things that make me happy.
Part One:


  1. i love these pictures
    especially the first one with the rubiks cube
    belle xx

  2. It worked! What a nice post, I love loads of those pictures, where is that castle near the water I love it!
    Kandi x

  3. Well done on the scheduling posts malarkey - it obviously worked!

    Lovely pics - some really pretty ones, & the wine one made me chuckle!

    Hope you're having a grand ol' time, wherever you are :)

  4. So many of these images are things I love too! Especially the comment about wine - only classy girls drink it and they don't stay classy for long! :) x

  5. Gorgeous, inspiring selection of pics. xx

  6. the "You'll never walk alone" picture. Is that parkhead? If so, good choice love, good choice!
    Love the to-do list as well! I may have to pinch it... xx

  7. Luvverly post! Loving the vintage tin trunks and the old wireless, I've got a couple of them on the staircase and they keep being swore at for deliberately tripping me up.
    The wine sign should be tattooed on my forehead, mind you I was never classy to start off with.....

  8. Fab post - love the pic of the 'to do' list hehe

  9. love so many of the things on the images.
    Infact, i love them all. BUT... My favourite is the ginger cat. soooo cute! x


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