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Friday, 19 February 2010

How cold has it been today?! In retrospect, wearing just tights on my legs was a mistake. I've only just thawed out now. Anyhow, moving swiftly on, the person that invented wireless broadband deserves a medal. I'm currently tucked up in bed, catching up on blogs, listening to Paloma Faith (love her so much) and generally winding down after a long and very tiring week at work.

I'm having a bad photo day today. I still haven't properly worked out how to use my camera or the new tripod, and I still feel like a complete div taking photos of myself. I actually felt really nice in this outfit today but looking at the pics is filling me with a bit of gloom - is it really as shapeless as it looks?! May be time for the cardi to get charity shopped. Yes it's pretty and yes I am very fond of it but it's too big now. I need to get a bit tougher I think.

Anyway, enough of my rambling. Outfit below:

Tunic - Dorothy Perkins
Cardi - Monsoon
Tights - M&S
Pumps - New Look

I actually much prefer the pic where I'm bundled up for the chilly cold outside world. That's probably due to the earmuffs though - I defy anyone to put these on and not feel happy with the world.

Duffel jacket - George
Earmuffs & mittens - Accessorize

And I found this bag which I thought was utterly lost, hurrah! Cute with the pumps, yes? It's from ASOS and a good few years old but bows seem to be back on trend now so I'm very chuffed to have rediscovered it.

And finally, today's jewellery. The necklace is, I think, a Silver Jubilee crown piece. Another find from Grandma's jewellery box. The ring is probably my favourite piece of jewellery. I've always steered clear of rings, convinced that I had sausage fingers and they didn't suit me. I was at a craft fair at Chatsworth a couple of years ago, saw this and fell completely in love with it. It definitely wasn't cheap and I did the whole try it on - walk away - come back and try it on again - walk away again - do complicated sums to see if it can be afforded - buy it anyway routine. So glad I decided to get it.


  1. Alex, you look so cozy! Have you tried belting the cardi to see if it looks good with more definition at the waist? Worth a shot (esp. if you love it.)

    Love the shoes and the bag together, they're really cute. Is the ring dichroic glass or resin or something else entirely? It's gorgeous.

  2. Ahh cute cute outfit! I love your earmuffs! I love Paloma too such good chill out music :)

  3. I can empathise with the cold thing! I change my whole outfit today so I could wear boots which meant I could wear Totes Toasties!

    The bag and shoes are fab together.


    PS - I think I have sausage fingers too. Let's start a club ;)

  4. Shapeless, sausage-fingers? Girl, are you crazy? You look gorgeous, beautiful hair, great shapely legs and I'm rather loving both the fab pendant and the colour of those tights.
    It's just started snowing here, again...brrrr!

  5. Your hand is fine, honestly, it's probably just because you're short (like me). I'd love long slender limbs and fingers but it's not going to happen! I think long fingers would look really strange on you anyway.
    Now stop worrying about it and remember you look beautiful. I'd love to see some photos of you smiling and looking proud - can you try a challenge?
    Vicki xxx

  6. Forgot to say, gorgeous bag and shoes. I'm looking for some pumps like that.

  7. Loving the earmuffs and that ring is fab :) xxx

  8. amazing jewellery and I am now coveting ear muffs badly!


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