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My Unfashionable Past

Saturday, 20 February 2010

So Dad has been busily working away to scan in all the old family photos and slides and presented me with a cd full of photos last night. I've been browsing through them all day and just had to share a few of the pics. Oh dear me, the perils of growing up in the 80s and 90s. Luckily there don't seem to be too many of me wearing lycra neon leggings or cycling shorts (believe me, I owned far too many pairs!) The enormous pink Deidre Barlow specs though - who ever thought they were a good look?!

It's probably a tad shameful to admit this but if I still had this outfit in a grownup size, I'd so be wearing it. How amazing are the tights?!

What well dressed girl doesn't wear a full ski suit and knitted hat to go and feed the ducks in?

Taking the nautical trend a little too far in a full sailor suit..

This is possibly the most terrible thing I have ever worn. I mean really, look at the state of it!! Floral velour AND giant baggy trousers?

I am really quite a fan of leggings now. But the old way of wearing them - 3/4 length, in an "interesting" colour, teamed with a huge tshirt. Very glad I've progressed since then!

Half tucked in blouse - check. Hideous culottes - check. Socks and sandals - check. Completely oblivious of how awful it looks - check!

The floral skirt is tolerable I suppose. But teamed up with a satin shirt and sparkly jelly shoes? Oh dear. And quite why I thought ankle bracelets would look good with it is beyond me now.

And the horrible mid 90s fashion for weirdly patterned strappy dresses over white tshirts.

Then I got horribly self conscious at about the age of 14 and stopped having my photo taken so you're spared any of my fashion disasters from then onwards! It terrifies me how much time and energy kids spend on their appearance nowadays - I might have been an unfashionable kid but I had such a happy childhood - there were better things to do than worry about makeup and hair!


  1. I think your last sentence sums it up perfectly.
    I miss the carefree days of childhood when the most important thing in your day was which friend you were going to cause havoc with.

    On a less "deep" side, this post and the discussion that's being going with it has really brightened my evening :)

  2. What a brilliant post Alex, I love your photos and how cute were you?
    I think the Xmas day special is the most amusing!
    Vicki xx

  3. Absolutely agree that children shouldn't worry about their appearance. It made me really sad when my friend's little girl (5) was talking about going on a diet because she'd had a biscuit in public and someone had told her she'd get fat. >:-(

    Great photos though, Alex! I had awful floral culottes too, think I'd repressed that until now! x

  4. haha this is such a great post! And love, most of my childhood photos look exactly like yours! baggy tees and leggings, tees under dresses, we could have been twins! x

  5. Great post, so true about being to carefree to care what you wore! Good old 80s and 90s fashion. Is scary to think in 20 years time people will think what we are wearing now as so unfashionable!

  6. Brilliant! I might just take inspiration from you and do this myself!

  7. Ahhh! Weren't you a cute little girl and how brave to share those photos?

  8. What a great post. I too remember 3/4 leggings and a big baggy t-shirt what was that all about lol!

  9. I LOVE seeing peoples childhood photos!

  10. I just love your first photo - that red dress and the tights are perfect! I'd wear it in an adult size too! :)

  11. Oh my are just adorable!!!! That little sailor dress outfit is amazing, I would wear that now!!!

  12. I know I'm months late commenting but I'm just reading back over your blog because I like it - you can tell we're from the same generation, I had those leggings and baggy t-shirts, and the dresses with t-shirts! How dated do they seem now?!


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