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Rummaging and ribbons

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Today's rather 80's inspired ensemble can be seen (if you squint hard enough) below:

Spearmint coloured v neck top is from Dorothy Perkins, grey sleeveless jumper (I'm tempted to think of it as an elongated tank top but that's probably a fashion faux pas of the highest order) from Primark, black leggings from Evans and black suede pixie boots also from Evans. And the belt, ah the belt. This was bought on an utter whim so long ago that I really can't remember where it's from but I've never managed to find anything to wear it with. I found it on a rummage through my chest of drawers this morning and it's brightened my day right up. I love it so. Here, have a close up so you can admire the beauty of it:

And today's earrings which I'm also rather fond of:

ps - I bought the shoes. I was battling the urge to get them (I seriously have no money till 25th) but then appeared £56 interest on my ISA. Would have been rude not to spend it on shoes, surely?


  1. It definitely would've been rude. A fashion faux pas, one might say! Love the belt.

  2. Preety belt, I love minty green,someone else from our group has it on today too and made me want some!
    Can you turn the flash on your camera off or is it too dark? It's hard to see your outfit properly and I'm sure you look beautiful xx

  3. Aw thanks Vicki. I must get to grips with the camera - it has bizarre ideas about when to use the flash and when not to. Probably not helped either by the fact that all the lights in this house seem to be in the most pointless part of the rooms!

    Will try harder with the pics in future ;)

  4. i want to see the shoes you bought!! i totally agree...always spend money earned on shoes!

  5. Yes, shoes over saving any day :P not very MSE, but everyone has to have their vice!

  6. Gorgeous colour combination there, Alex! Really cheery for a miserable day.
    Can't wait to see the shoes on.

  7. Newly discovered money funds are destined to be spent on shoes! Love the long tank top!

  8. any excuse to buy shoes so hurrah for the interest on your ISA, you'll have to share a piccie of the shoes so we (of course I mean I) can oggle over them!

    Queenie x

  9. I love the green against grey :)

  10. I love the vibrant green color of your shirt under the soft grey jumper, such a lovely combination!!

  11. love that shade of green!


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