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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

to see me without makeup and with two day old bedhead? Of course you are! Actually, I don't think this photo is too hideous (you should have seen the other ones!), and I did promise a while ago that I wasn't going to shy away from posting the more boring outfits. So here you go:

Jeans & black top - Primark
Grey top - Dorothy Perkins
Necklace - Accessorize
Ancient pashmina
And odd socks of course!

So my question of the day is - how tall do Primark think that short people are?! These jeans are definitely from the short range and they're a good 5 inches too long. I've worn them scrunched down over boots today which didn't exactly look great and although I quite like the turn-up look, I'm not so sure it's the way forward. The only reason I did it for the photo was because the hems were soaking wet from walking through puddles . Hmmm, probably not worth bothering about too much as they're already too big and hopefully I'll be into a size smaller fairly soon.

And speaking of puddles, has anybody else had any interesting weather today? I was merrily typing away at my desk this afternoon and then GLOOM descended. It was so dark outside, then this happened, followed by a glorious burst of thunder and lightning! All very exciting!


  1. That's a good photo - you look pretty and the grey top is simple yet lovely. :)

  2. Primark jeans are utterly ri-DONK-ulous. I have rather long legs (34in!) and have a black pair from there that require a 5 in turn up! They look stupid, I tend to only wear them with boots! Silly Primark.

  3. As much as I love Primark, & tend to defend it to the bitter end - I do agree that trouser/jean lengths are sometimes rather.. wrong.

    The weather today has been bloody horrendous - although, is that snow in your pics?! We certainly haven't had any of that! Just rain, rain, wind, sunshine, rain, hail, rain, wind etc..

  4. As a petite woman myself, It's crazy how hard it is to find shorter pants!

    Enter to win a William Riera dress!

  5. you still look pretty even you dont wear any make up ;)

  6. Gasp-you look..........lovely!!!
    It was freaky hot here!!!But I love sudden gloom descents!!

  7. You do look gorgeous! Haven'y a clue about Primark jeans but the the fit and the funky turn-ups...better than being ankle skimmers any day of the week!
    The weather's rank..counting the hours till I leave!

  8. and that would be one of the many reasons why i don't do your weather pics!

  9. You look fab hun! I totally agree about the length of some Primark things- some things are ridiculously long then on the other hand some dresses are sooo short! Love the weather pics (not the weather though lol)

  10. Loving that you are wearing odd socks... perfectly you. That necklace is very pretty. Pretty pictures, shame its depressing weather though. x

  11. I am so in the same boat as you! All my jeans are way too long and I have to get them hemmed!! I love your simple and classic outfit ;)


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