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Terrible Tuesday

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Feeling very meh today, probably due to overtiredness and general can't-be-arsedness with the busyness that is life. Plus today is just not a photogenic day. No makeup, scraggy hair, weird posture and somehow managing to look about 5 months pregnant! Do excuse all of these things please. I'll try harder tomorrow.

Dress, leggings & cardi - Primark
Necklace - Next clearance store
Bangle - pinched from Mum

I think perhaps I need to start going outside and checking the weather before I get dressed. I see sunshine streaming through the window when I wake up and I immediately think "Yay, WARM!" I should be used to English weather by now shouldn't I? Sunshine is not warmth and as my office is cavelike in terms of natural daylight and temperature, I've been pretty cold today. But I have all these pretty frocks just bursting out of my wardrobe and wanting to worn and it would be rude to shun them in favour of sensible, warm layers. Roll on higher temperatures and properly warm spring days so that I can wear this dress with wedges (and maybe even bare legs!) and not end up with frostbite on my toes.

Right, must go and swim! Apologies for the rambly tone of today's entry but I've got no brainpower left this evening.


  1. Oh, I do love you with your hair worn like that, so cute! It has been rather warm today but you were very brave to cast the tights aside.
    Have a lovely swim,

  2. I have this dress, isn't it lovely? How can you not feel fabulous wearing it!
    I like it with the yellow cardi, really pretty.
    Vicki xx

  3. Pretty outfit!!
    "Meh" days are a pain,aren't they?!Doesn't matter what you do,even eating a whole block of delish chocolate,nothing satisfies or feels right!!Lucky you and your hair looked so cute,no-one would have guessed you were having a "meh" day!!!!

  4. I love this outfit alex, totally the thing to cheer up any day like that..i think i've finally run out of the extra energy, and may have one of those days myself today :(

  5. I love that dress, the cardi is so pretty over it :)

  6. I'm totally the same! I hate my winter clothes now, I just want to wear dresses and skirts without tights! And sandals and sunhats and other inappropriate things! Rubbish. You do look lovely, so maybe it was worth the goosepimples? :)

  7. What a great dress! I love the cardi with it. And don't worry!!! There is always the next day and the next :)

    Enter to win a women's Orient watch!

  8. I don't think you look meh at all, you look lovely =)

  9. Haha I wear bare legs all the time, never mind the weather. I'm sure it's doing terrible things to my circulation but it's mind over matter, right? :)

  10. great dress!!! I just bought one with a similar print and this has inspired me how to wear it.


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