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Wonderful Shops - Part One

Monday, 22 March 2010

Welcome to a new (and I hope occasional) feature about shops and websites that are in my good books. No bribery involved, I just fancied spreading the word about some of my favourite places to spend money.

First to feature is Beautiful Notebooks .
How did I discover this fab little website? Well I keep a diary but I have two particular requirements when it comes to the notebooks I use - they must be A5(ish) size and they must have plain pages. You might think that it's fairly easy to find something that fits the bill? You'd be wrong. Paperchase's supply of plain paged notebooks is growing increasingly limited and boring and Amazon were no help - I'm not going to order something if you won't tell me what type of paper it is!

Then I remembered Paper Blanks, the trusty supplier of my actual diaries (appointment style ones). They make gorgeous, luxurious products that take in traditional methods and use sustainable materials and they're just so beautiful. I've usually bought them from Waterstones before but the range is never as big as I'd like it to be.

A quick google search later and I turned up . Immediately sucked in by the name, I had a delicious half hour or so of looking through all the various options before plumping for the foiled old leather version. I do wish that a couple more of the styles came with plain pages but we can't have everything we want, and their range is far superior to most places. And best of all, given my lack of patience, the site offers free UK p&p and the notebook was with me within 48 hours. That's what I call service! It turns out that the website is run by the people who own The Curious Otter Bookshop. What a cracking name for a shop. If I'm ever down in Devon, I'm heading straight there!

The notebooks are a little more expensive than the bog standard Paperchase version but frankly I'm bored of plain black notebooks. I want something beautiful to write my thoughts into. Also, I'm all for supporting the small retailers rather than big chains. So I'll definitely be heading back in a few months when I've filled this one up with my nightly wafflings.


  1. An excellent blogging idea, thank you! =) x

  2. Wow that notebook is gorgeous. My problem would be that I think it's too nice to actually write in. I've got a couple like that, I don't want to spoil them! Silly, I know!

    PS. Random, but I've actually been to Ottery St Mary!

  3. I love notebooks, Alex, and that one is fabulous. Love the colour and the print, it looks like an antique book you've stumbled across in the back of a dusty junk shop. Just by turning the pages would sure get those literary juices flowing.
    PS Loving "My Mother's Wedding Dress". Mum borrowed it before I had a chance to read it and she really enjoyed it too. Thanks for the recommendation!

  4. Oh I so want one. Why did you have to show me that beautiful book!
    Vicki xxx

  5. Alex i really miss writing a diary, blogging isn't quite the same as i feel my thoughts need to be a little more ordered than they come out are kind of tempting me to start writing again, although i'm not sure where i'll find the itme..

  6. ahh i love paperblanks notebooks... i have an oriental cover one that i take everywhere with me :)

  7. I dont think I like you for this post. I now need more notebooks.

  8. Gorgeous notebooks, not sure I could do them justice as I am a very visual journaller and tend to draw, paint and stick things onto the paper as takes my fancy. I wouldn't want to spoil one of those with my witterings!

  9. That is one beautiful notebook! It looks like it's vintage! Great detailing.


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