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Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Today turned out to be a bit intimidating - a normal day at work turned into panic stations after someone rang in sick and I ended up having to run a training workshop for some of the volunteers. Not so scary you may think. Well most of them are 30-40 years older than me and of decidedly strong character so I was not really looking forward to it - I'm everso good at dealing with imaginary confrontations (does anyone else plan out arguments and responses in their head or is it just me?) but in real life I did not relish the prospect of being barracked by lots of shouty pensioners.

However I'm proud to say that it all went jolly well indeed. So well that I've now been drafted in to do the next three sessions! I put my success down to the confidence boosting powers of a pretty frock, madly colourful tights and some fab new shoes:

A right bargain - only £6 in the George sale

Dress - Dorothy Perkins
Tights, cardi & ring - Primark
Necklace - Accessorize
Shoes - George

There's something very cheering about looking down and seeing this:

I do think I'm in need of a boldly coloured cardi or two though. I'm not overly enamoured of the black cardi as part of this outfit but I don't have much choice so it was either black or gray! Also, the dress is not as shapeless as it may appear in the main photo although it is a tad too big now.

Oh, and I've received this shiny award from the all-round fabulous Vix. I don't really know what I'm doing when it comes to awards and tags and suchlike but apparently I have to share a fantasy bag. So here goes!

I do like a good bag but I'm not overly fussed when it comes to designer bags. They all just seem as if they're trying a bit too hard. So really, there's only one choice when I'm asked to pick my fantasy bag:

It's magic, what more could you ask for?! Plus it's oversized and utterly beautiful. I need a big bag - I cart round far too much stuff to manage with a tiddly little thing. Usual contents of my bag (I'm not doing a photo, it's too messy!) include a couple of books, my diary, a notebook, makeup bag, keys, purse, phone, hairbrush, mp3 player, loads of receipts, a mini torch, tissues, a packable shopping bag, several pens, some random items of jewellery and an umbrella (sadly not a parrot headed one). I could fit all of that into the magical carpet bag, plus a hatstand, several changes of clothing and even a potted plant, should I so wish. Hey, you never know when it'll come in useful!

I'd like to pass the award onto Vicki, Queenie, Sharon and Celine. What's your fantasy bag?


  1. I love the red and the blue! Lovely combo.

    I got picked to do some training sessions too recently which scared the hell out of me, I'm so glad I did them though! Much less scary in reality. xx

  2. That is truly something to be proud of! I had a presentation training day a few months ago at work and it went way better than expected - such a good feeling. But then you did dress up for the day. I love those tights. And thanks for the award (my first!)!! I shall try and come up with my fantasy bag. And sorry that this post is as long as a novel.


  3. Well done on getting through those scary sessions. A great outfit works wonders for the self-confidence.
    Love, love, love your Mary Poppins answer.
    PS Jon used to be lead guitarist in The Charlatans, his gold disc is for the "Some Friendly" album.

  4. I'm just gagging for those shoes!!!They look awesome with the red tights!Yummo all round!!!

  5. Oh WOW! That tight's/shoes combo is inspiring! You look so lovely . I totally do the argument thing in my head too...normally after the event though... and wow an award my goodness thanks!

    Erm fantasy bag, well Im probably more fickle than some in harbouring a desire for a true designer bag (I can dream it wont every happen in my lifetime lol) but like you its gotta be big! I would never do a bag post on mine as its far too messy too and most likely to contain various empty packets of chewing gum, stray toys and kids gloves, the only thing thats mine in there is my huge wallet, hand cream and my phone...oh dear lol

    Erm am I suppose to pass this award on then? Help! lol

  6. Alex your so adroable! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving an oh so sweet comment the other day. I'm a big fan!

    P.s I'm also following I do hope that is ok.

  7. Those shoes are super cute!
    Congrats on the blog award! :)

  8. I love those shoes! Such a lush colour and they look great with the tights. :)

  9. You are actually brilliant at wearing coloured tights and they look fab with the shoes =) x

  10. what a fab outfit and congrats on running the training course single handed hurrah. You've got such gorgeous taste in shoes xx


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