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Embracing my inner slob

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

I had an interesting chat this morning with some of the MSE gang about blogging and what we do and don't post pics of. I've noticed that on the days I don't post, or don't post pics of my outfit, I tend to be in jeans or slobby, comfy clothes. I'm in total admiration of all the ladies out there in the blogosphere that look immaculate every day - even their casual outfits are several degrees more stylish than my better efforts. I'm clearly not one of these higher beings and I doubt I ever will be.

But I'm not going to feel ashamed or embarassed of what I wear. To very roughly paraphrase something that a wiser person than me pointed out this morning, it's just as important for bloggers to post their house clothes and everyday lazy outfits as it is for us to show off our lovely clothes. I'm sure there are plenty of us out there, just normal women who don't always have the time, energy, fantastic wardrobe or just the knack that allows some people to always look so good. But why shouldn't we talk about our outfits when they're more everyday than we might like? Anyone that knows me in real life will rapidly come to realise that fashion is not the be all and end all of my life. I love to blog and I love to read about what other people wear and do with clothes but for me, this is about more than just showing off my good days.

So here goes, I'm embracing one of my lazy outfits. I haven't even brushed my hair today - how bad is that?!

Jeans & sleeveless cardi - Primark

Top - Dorothy Perkins
Pumps - Accessorize

Ah well, at least all the green in today's outfit meant I could wear my watch. It comes out of the drawer rarely because it's a bit bold and a tricky colour (although v.beautiful) and also because I have an awful habit of forgetting I'm wearing it and banging it off things. I bought it in an amazing little shop in Barcelona and it makes me happy every time I look at it just to remember that fab holiday. Must wear it more often.


  1. What a beautiful watch. I feel I can't blog a total repeat outfit and I'm running out of combos!
    I quite often don't brush my hair. I'm really painting quite a minging picture of myself today aren't I lol!
    Vicki xx

  2. Not slobby at all - just relaxed! Love the watch, it's a gorgeous sea-foam colour. Holiday watches are always so unusual.

    Oh, and you can get Belle Et Mimi at Barratts - I got mine in the sale at what I thought were reasonable prices for real leather. xx

  3. beautiful watch, really pretty.

    I think you've got a point about blogging whatever we are wearing rather than dressing up for our blogs, but having said that I make much more of an effort with my clothes since having a blog, before that I'd have lots of pretty clothes and never wear them!

  4. We all have slob out clothes, don't worry i haven't brushed my hair today either. I'm new to your blog, its really cute, i love your dress in the post below x

  5. What a fab watch, Alex and you don't look slobby in the slightest.
    I'll let you into a secret, I only ever comb my hair when I wash it (and that's not very often). I don't own a brush...tut tut!

  6. I think we're all a slob inside.. lol! I think you look great though. And way to go for wearing green today! :D

    Enter to win a women's Orient watch!

  7. That's still a good outfit! I think ordinary everyday clothes are just as valid as 'efforty' clothes. The point is the diversity and wearing what you want and what you're happy in.
    I don't brush my hair between washes, it looks most odd when I do.
    You'll be pleased to hear the cloak is in fact to get an airing this week! A friend has asked me to do some modelling for a project she's working on, with her permission I'll blog some pics and a link to said project next week.

  8. Nothing wrong with your outfit Alex, comfy is good ! I don't think there's any point in looking good but not feeling comfy. I love the watch, I think you could get away with wearing it every day. It's a lovely colour.
    I might have to pop up a pic on my blog of me in my 'gardening clobber' next time I'm in it :0) I'm dying to show you all my tomato print shoes !

  9. Gorgeous watch, and you look fab too! Nothing slobbish about that. I truly am not a 'slouchy' dresser during the day. I usually change into sweats when I get home from work, but even at the weekend, when I don't blog my outfits, I wear similar things. Sometimes my outfits are less fancy than usual, but I always represent what I wear. I don't dress up to blog then change later! :) x

  10. Your lazy outfit puts mine to shame! You look great! My lazy outfits, are erm.. pyjamas!

    Thanks for the comment :)

  11. Great post, beautiful watch! Own it girl, own it.

  12. Great post hun and I agree with your sentiments! I need to start blogging my "down days" too....I think i felt that it would be boring for others to see me wearing my jeans and t shirts but I guess thats whats part of who I am...Im in total awe of anyone who can get away with not brushing their hair! Seriously mine is so unruley that I have to tie it back just to go to bed!

    Ooh and I lurve that watch!

  13. You don't look slobby at all. The outfit looks comfortable cool. Its funny how we all think just because we aren't in skirts/dresses etc that we are suddenly slobbing out. x


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