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Mothering Sunday

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Sorry to be pedantic but it's NOT Mother's Day, it's Mothering Sunday.
Anyway, today has been all about pleasing this fantastic woman:

Today being a celebratory sort of day, I've been in the kitchen whipping up an enormous roast dinner and a delicious polenta and apple cake. I've been seriously accident prone though! I've ended up with a big burn on my thumb and have dropped everything it was possible to drop. Glace cherries have been leaping to their death from the top shelf of the cupboard and hitting me in the head and the clanging and banging and "Oh for ***** sake"-ing drifting through to the rest of the house reached record levels. Everything turned out very nicely in the end though so all the chaos was worth it.

And today's outfit? Well I couldn't resist wearing my new skirt and many of the other new things I've bought recently that just happen to go quite well with it. Check out the new pose!

Skirt & earrings - Florence & Fred @ Tesco
Tights, headband & blue beads - Dorothy Perkins
Top - Marks & Spencer
Blue initial necklace - Sunday Girl Accessories

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend. I'm going for a nap, I've eaten too much cake!


  1. Wow, Alex, how good do you and that cake look?
    Bet your goreous mum really appreciated your efforts.
    I'm glad I'm not the only one who calls today "Mothering Sunday". It takes some doing to find a card with the correct title, I can tell ya!

  2. Great skirt, loving it with the blue tights. Revel in your pedantry - after all, someone's got to get it right!

  3. That skirt looks bloody fantastic on you Alex, especially with those tights. And wow your Mum is gorgeous and has super style x

  4. Yum, that cake looks delicious! And your mums outfit is amazing!

    I love that skirt and those tights together on you! So pretty :) xx

  5. You look FAB-U-LOUS! LOVE the colours. And your mum is adorable!

  6. I'm liking the blue tights very much and it's cool of you to have been baking up a storm :) xxx

  7. Lovely fresh colour you are wearing Alex. Yummy looking cake. And how fab does your mam look! x

  8. I must have those tights!! They look amazing on you!

  9. love the new skirt - the whole outfit looks amazing on you sweetie :) xx

  10. Alex, you can't put the photo and not the recipe...You look really pretty in the skirt and I'm loving the turquoise tights with it. Yay for the new pose too!
    Vicki xxx


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