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More bags of clothes!

Tuesday, 2 March 2010


I had to go back to Primark today to exchange the red spotty top and the ditsy print tea dress for smaller sizes and couldn't quite stop myself from buying yet more stuff. In my defence, it cost a lot less than yesterday's haul and it's more basic stuff so will be more versatile.

Into the basket went a pair of straight leg indigo jeans, a cheapo pair of black leggings and the following:

I'm really liking the waist belts so got one in black and one in navy. Whether the sequinned headbands will actually get worn is open to debate at this time, but at £1 for the pair it seemed daft not to get them.

I got a basic long sleeved top in the Dotty P sale and some pretty pale blue tights:

Oh and these. I'm completely in love with them.

I should probably do an outfit photo as I don't seem to have taken one for ages. Today's outfit isn't the most interesting in the world but I was running oh so late this morning and had no time to pull together anything nicer. Also please excuse the vile hair but I'm about to go swimming so there didn't seem much point washing it this morning!

Floral top - Dotty P
Cardi & skinnies (which are turned up about 4 inches despite being short length anyway!) - Primark
Pumps - New Look

Oh and for those that haven't entered yet, the giveaway ends tomorrow.


  1. Those skinnies look fantastic on you. The pumps are super cute, too! are the belts and the basics.
    I'm in awe of your shopping abilities.
    You could alway wrap the sparkly headbands round your wrists if you chicken out of wearing them on your head.

  2. those shoes are about the most beautiful shoes i have ever seen

  3. Those shoes are even better in your pic than they were on the website- absolutely divine! You really suit the skinnies they show off your fab new figure :)

  4. Yay for exchanging for smaller sizes! I always end up buying more when I go in to swap or return. It's a sickness!

  5. Fab new shoes, and you suit skinny jeans. Hurrah for new belts too!

  6. I love your new finds!!!!! I can't wait to see how you wear all of'em :)

  7. Have just come across your blog & from the first sentence I knew I'd come across a girl after my own heart!
    (Basically any mention of Primark & I'm there!)
    I'm going to follow you, if that's ok?
    Btw, I LOVE those shoes - they are amazing, & I'm extremely jealous of them!

  8. Love the shoes and the skinny jeans!! Oh and the floral dress from Primark, love that too but gud job really cuz I've got it too!!! tee hee xx

  9. I have that dress too, I'm looking forward to seeing how you and harrybo wear it to get some other ideas!
    Vicki xx


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