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A Grand Day Out

Monday, 29 March 2010

In my book, Sundays (when not spent lying round being a sloth) are for going places. Yesterday's destination was Sizergh Castle - partly to meet up for coffee and cakes with some ladies from a forum I post on and partly just for a wander around. The forecast was either for sun or sleet: nobody could ever accuse the Lake District weather of being predictable! I decided to err on the side of caution in the end and went for sensible clothes. As it turned out, there was no sleet but it wasn't exactly warm so I think I made the right choice.

Jacket - George
Vest & jeans - Primark

Boots - M&S
Bag - H&M, via a car boot sale

I feel like such a div when I smile in photos! The photographer for the day (aka Mum) wouldn't take the photos unless I was grinning like a fool though, so what else could I do?

It's a funny house - part ancient castle, some Tudor panelled rooms, some very grand Georgian drawing rooms and some family rooms with tatty sofas overloaded with homemade and embroidered cushions. I've actually met the lady who lives there when I was there on a training course a year or two ago - she's the poshest person I've ever met but terribly nice (and rejoices in the truly splendid name of Mrs Hornyold-Strickland). She still uses some of the show rooms as guest bedrooms which I personally find rather fab. One of the lovely volunteers even gave us a sneaky peek into one of the ensuite bathrooms which was like something out of I Capture The Castle - built into the castle wall, accessed up a cute little staircase and with ancient faded chintz wallpaper and floral fittings. I was probably more pleased by being allowed to see it than is strictly normal.

As is common with most National Trust properties, sadly no interior photography allowed but here are a random selection of outdoor shots:

Front entrance

I just love all the different styles of windows on this wall

Spring has definitely sprung!

Gloomy, gloomy sky
It's well worth a visit so if you're ever up in that part of the world and/or you share my love for old buildings, go and have a look round.


  1. This looks lovely!! I love big old houses and castles. One day, I want to live in one. hehe x

  2. What a beautiful day. I agree about your Sunday philosophy. And you look lovely in green!

  3. I wish I could go there :)

  4. OMG what an amazing building!!Hope to get there someday!!
    What's a "div" darling?!
    Looking mighty fine in green,and I like you grinning like a fool!!!
    You'd grin more if you had new shoes...........:)

  5. Such a beautiful castle, in all the years of family hols in the Lakes I never went there, sounds like a trip!
    You look lovely when you smile! The outfit was just perfect and I loved "I Capture The Castle".
    Hope you're feeling better.

  6. Looks like a lovely day out was had. "I Capture The castle" was a perfect film.

  7. I totally agree - Sundays are for doing things, going somewhere..Just getting out of the house! I love the photos, and the outfit, and I'm thrilled you had a fabulous time! :) xx

  8. Looks like you had a fab day. Love your green jacket!

  9. Wow it looks really rather lovely there :) xx

  10. Ahhh!!!! These pics are amazing!!! I'm so jealous..

    Enter to win a William Riera dress!

  11. Oh my gosh, that place is unbelievable. I want to be there.

  12. It looks fab, I love old keeps/castles (blessed with a plethora of them in these parts.)

  13. Such gorgeous scenery. I imagine this would be the perfect place to pen a novel! :)

  14. What beautiful pictures. I just can't get into visiting buildings or castles I feel like a bored kid for some reason but glad you had a lovely time. I love green on you, I can see why it's your favourite colour.
    P.S. Going to post the tights in a bit...
    Vicki xx


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