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Seriously weather, do behave yourself

Wednesday, 31 March 2010

It's hailing - AGAIN! I've already been thoroughly rained on today and also nearly blown over by the wind which is quite some achievement given that I'm no lightweight! I would like to respectfully request that the bad weather sods right off. I have dresses and impractical shoes to wear and I'm bored of the rain and wind now.

Today's outfit was basically this one as I have shamefully few pairs of shoes that actually keep my feet dry. I had to start with boots and work around that. As there wasn't much point wasting camera memory on virtually identical photos, I took some snaps whilst I was out and about instead. Location - an excessively windy and rainy Liverpool city centre (I escaped the office to go on a Social Media Marketing course - rather fun just nattering about blogs and Twitter!).

You wait for one bus and then seven turn up at once...

The main train station is being redeveloped and this rather quirky little paving stone is one of the features.

Yup, Primark really does take up almost the entirety of this building.

And finally, it's not a Liverpool based blog without a shot of the Liver Buildings, is it? I wasn't down on the waterfront today but this Liver Bird popped its head above the new shopping development and was just asking to have its photo taken.

ps - I am suffering slight shoppers guilt, having just spent more than I planned on a gorgeous blazer. It wasn't really expensive, but my clothing budget this month is miniscule and I appear to have blown it already. Whoops! When I feel guilt-free enough to take it out of the bag, I may share a photo.


  1. I live near Liverpool, the weather really was horrendous around here today!

  2. I agree sod off rain!!! The weather is pants here too- I feel like having a mini tantrum because I want to wear pretty dresses and fabric pumps!!! BOO!

    Love all the shots around the city- Im uber jealous of the humungous Primark!

  3. Poor lamb-and we are sweltering here!!! Won't be long,and I'll be jealous of you galloping around in summery frocks whilst I'm wearing 40 layers!!!
    Cool shots of your city!I've not been to Liverpool,and I know about it is The Beatles!!

  4. I think the weather is picking up again today though Alex, hopefully where you are too!
    And don't beat yourself up on the blazer purchase, you will get a lot of wear from it, so it's a good investment buy :)

  5. Yes, the Primark is absolutely huge, but it tends to be the same stuff on repeated on different floors and the queues are incredible! Plus it looks like a bomb has gone off by lunchtime - I still love it though!
    Pah to rubbish weather, its sunny at least today but blowing a gale.

  6. I love the big Primark, there's a massive one in Hull and I really miss it in Oxford!

  7. I must get back to primark....not een in an age!

    I bought a pair of wide leg sailor pants the other day and a fab white and navy woven belt.....norty me......eekk!
    Still made up for it today by buying thrifted goodies....cheers for popping by, a very lovely comment, thanks for that...:>)))x

  8. I had some terrible rain over here a few days back too. Haha, I get the same problem with the buses also.
    Hope the sun shines through for you this weekend!

  9. Lose the guilt over the blazer Alex, it's an investment!

  10. Hailing?? Crazy... We just got snow after having 70 degree weather for a couple days. Mother Nature is at it again...

    Enter to win a William Riera dress!

  11. Share the blazer! A guilt shared is a guilt halved after all. ;-) It's glorious here, but chilly. Sending some winter sunshine your way. x

  12. Eurgh I know, the weather is doing my head in!!
    No point making the effort to look nice because you're going to be a soggy frizzy windswept wreck within 2 minutes! Very frustrating!
    Nice pics, I hope you do show us your new blazer! X

  13. Thanks for the comments - sorry I'm only just getting back to you - consider yourself entered into the giveaway :)

    As for the tights, I actually thought of you as I ordered them! I thought they were the same ones I've seen on you (& probably commented on!)

    I'm really looking forward to seeing this expensive blazer! It definitely deserves to be taken out the bag &shown off a bit (or, a lot!)


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