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Thursday, 4 March 2010

is books. Always has been, probably always will be. And as it's World Book Day, I thought I'd share some of my collection with you. Sadly a lot of them are still in storage as we don't have enough space or bookcases in this house despite most of the shelves being double stacked but all my precious ones are with me.

Starting with the bedroom, and my most treasured books:

This bookcase houses all sorts of oddments and ornaments but the important thing is the books.

The top shelf is all Georgette Heyer, a truly wonderful writer. Not enough people read her books so I recommend you all go out and track some down!
The one underneath that is Harry Potter, including some foreign language editions that I keep meaning to attempt, and some other fantasy.
The one below that is mostly Diana Wynne Jones (a seriously underrated author) and some Tamora Pierce.
Then it's the completely jam-packed shelf of pony books. I haven't outgrown my horsey past just yet and these books are pure comfort reads.

The bottom is Eva Ibbotson - I can't recommend her highly enough - my Beatrix Potter boxes and an assortment of oversized books that don't fit in elsewhere.

The smaller bookcase is home to my Girls Own books. The top shelf contains all my beloved Chalet School books and other Elinor Brent-Dyer works. Seriously collectable stuff! As a collection they're worth a pretty penny so Mum has instructions what to do with them should I snuff it unexpectedly!

The other shelves are a jumble of Noel Streatfield, some Enid Blytons, lots of Roald Dahl, and some classics like the Little House books, the Little Women series and the Borrowers books.

I know a lot of people seem to grow out of children's books but I just love them. I'm just as happy to sit down and read one of my collection as I am to dip into a classic work of literature. There's no pretension in children's literature, just simple stories, well told. And in my opinion, life is too short to waste time reading grim, depressing books. I'm no book snob but sometimes I do wish that people wouldn't look at me all funny when I'm reading Mary Poppins on the train.

The spare bedroom is part library, part laundry room and the bookcases there are a bit more organised:

Top two shelves - hmm, maybe not so organised! They're a bit of a jumble of stuff that is hard to fit in elsewhere.

The rest of it is crime. Lots and lots of crime and mysteries and perhaps a few fantasy books in there. The Agatha Christie collection has it's own bookcase downstairs though.

Then we have the colourful bookcase, containing an awful lot of chick-lit (and a scarf - not so sure why that's there). Hey, I've already said I'm not a book snob! The top shelf has all my lovely secondhand Penguin PG Wodehouse books though. Ah how I love them.
And I've nicked two shelves from the other bookcase to cram in all the Nora Roberts books I own (probably too many!). The top shelf holds my historical books/biographies/diaries/works of interest. It needs a bit of love and attention, poor books all squished in like that.
So that's some of the book collection. I'd natter on about some of my favourite books but perhaps that's for another post as I seem to have waffled on long enough for this entry. Hope you're not all bored!


  1. Wow, what a collection. I'm very jealous. Love books, but tend to borrow from library as feel guilty spending on them. I spy a few familiar covers on your shelves though x

  2. Alex, <3 your book collection. I actually sold a lot of my Chalet School books during a rough financial spell a few years back, and don't really collect books like I used to - however, anyone trying to separate me from my Discworld collection will have a serious fight on their hands!

  3. I have to agree with you completely here! There is nothing better than curling up with a good book. Do you have a preferred genre or will you read anything? And yes Topshop do take the mick to be honest, too expensive! xxx

  4. Oh I'll read everything apart from those "woe is me, haven't I had a horrid life?" books. I like to go to bookshops and laugh at the titles they come up with for them.

    *will probably burn in hell for this*

    Lou - oh how horrid :( I can't imagine having to sell mine.

  5. oh alex what a collection!! i pared down and sold most of my books when i moved into my flat, which is a shame, as i do miss the children's books..i read all genres when i was younger, now i need to make a serious effort not to be so lazy and just read easy chick-lit, which is all i seem to do at the moment..i have tried to make sure i just use the library though, which is better in a way..

  6. I used to read sooo much and then...hmmm... I guess I started to waste a lot of time with clothes. I love some children's literature too, you're right, it's good storytelling and not all angsty. I still love my L.M. Montgomery books...

  7. What a neat collection (mine are a disgrace, I'm afraid) and how lovely that you've kept your childhood books.
    I've still got my Beatrix Potter books I had from my mum's collection when I was tiny.
    My favourite book is a housemaid's diary from the 1900's I found at a jumble sale. I haven't seen it for a while but it's around somewhere. There's a particularly moving passage about her younger sister dying from influenza which moved me to tears when I first read it.

  8. Wow, that is quite a collection. I'm going to check out your favourites.

    One day I want a dedicated book room. When I have my own probably when I'm 90!

  9. love your book collection! i'd love to have nearly as many books as you x
    Checkout my mothers day UK giveaway:

  10. What a collection! I adore reading books too :)

    Just stumbled by & I love your blog! :)
    - Audrey Allure <3

  11. I too love books but your collection puts me to shame- I thought mine was huge given the 2 tall bulging bookcases- then theres the kids lot- but I am in awe of yours! and Im jealous of how organsied they are all mine are on alphabetical order (not)!

  12. I also love reading books and drive my mom crazy because I refuse to give any away! Great post!


  13. Oooo,I'd love to curl up in a corner within easy reach of one of those shelves for a while!!A lovely collection!!!
    Helga x

  14. Wow, you have at least as many books as I do! And I have a lot of books. So cute how you love children's books, too!

  15. Ooh wow! That's a good selection and a half! It must be lovely snuggling up and loosing hours in a book, surrounded by all those shelves!


  16. i like this post lots! i only have one book shelf so lots of my books are in boxes under my bed or on top of my wardrobe. when i get my own house though i would like my own library too :D

  17. Thats my idea of heaven! Love how organised you are with them. Must be great having so much choice. x

  18. What an amazing colletion.
    Books are by far one of my favourite things in the whole world.

    I know this is an old post, but it has totally inspired me :)


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