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Thursday, 25 March 2010

Just a brief update today as I'm still feeling a bit glum. Nowt serious and I'm sure it'll pass but it doesn't leave me feeling massively inclined to write jolly blog entries.

It was a return to the landing for photos as it's done nothing but rain for the past two days. Come on weather, sort yourself out. I'm sick of having wet feet!

So yesterday's outfit was:

Jumper, vest & headband - Dorothy Perkins
Skirt - Tesco
Tights - Ethel Austin
Pumps & bracelet - Primark

The tights are zig zag patterned and rather wonderful but I don't think it's quite come out on the photo. Never mind, I promise to take a closeup next time I wear them. The skirt is a bit bold and I didn't want to stand out too much at work, so tried to scruff down with the rest of the outfit. Quite like the way it turned out in the end.

As for today:

Dress & tights - Primark
Shrug -Evans
Brooch - gift
Various bangles

Ergh, my hair is looking vile in this photo. I'm sure it doesn't actually look that bad!


  1. You can just see a hint of pattern on the tights! ;-)

    Love the red tights with that dress. I'm stuck in boring trousers as the filing cabinets are knee height and the job involves lots of bending. Weekend blogging ftw.

  2. Love the Tesco skirt! I nearly bought it but was good and restrained. It looks fantastic on you! :)

    Hope you feel a little more cheerful soon. xx

  3. Hope you're feeling a bit better & less glum soon :)

    Love the greys & blues of the first outfit & although I don't wear red (ever), I totally appreciate it on other people, & am loving the red tights!

  4. Please don't be glum, you are far too fabulous to be sad about anything! Love both your outfits and those red tights are just amazing.

  5. Cute as,sweet Alex!!!Wash those glums away!!!

  6. Loving the florals Miss Alex. I hope you are feeling less glum today x

  7. Big hugs Alex. Hope you are feeling a bit brighter soon. Really like the way you have worn the floral skirt with a real casual style, looks great! x

  8. Cheer up! I love the outfit with the flowery dress, very pretty!

  9. you look adorable in both! :)

  10. Thanks for your kind comment :)

    That hoodie is actually from - random huh!? Go & get one to cheer yourself up!

    Yeah, I'm glad my boss didn't listen to me, because I didn't want to leave really.. & I guess he obviously realised that before I did!

  11. I love the second outfit! The red tights are lovely. And thanks for the comment, it's appreciated xxx

  12. I love the outfit with the blue printed skirt - you look awesome!! (and thank you for the compliment) :)


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