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Saturday chit-chat

Saturday, 13 March 2010

I am having a totally uninspired clothes day today. I think I've put a week's worth of effort into the weekday outfits (style does not come naturally to me, it's hard work!) and so any old tat will do today, hence the lack of pics of today's outfit.

I've been buying bits and bobs though:

I find Tesco clothing very hit and miss but I saw this on a rail today and immediately went "Oooooh!!" I love the pattern and colours, just love them. They had the same fabric in a top but sadly not in my size so I went for the bold option of a skirt. I find skirts awkward - they usually don't suit me at all but with this being fairly simple in shape and stretchy, I'm hoping it'll look ok. And then I couldn't resist these cute earrings to go with it.

I nipped to Boots after that and there just happened to be a charity fundraising books and bags sale outside it. Many books got purchased and also a bag. Now I'd have to say it isn't entirely my usual style; it's verging on the tacky (it's from River Island and I find this is often a problem with their stuff) but Helga and Vix have been showing off their glorious tooled leather bags and I suppose this reminded me a little bit of them, although it's clearly nowhere near as nice. It was only £1 so if I decide I don't actually like it that much after all, it's not too much of a problem.

Then it was nail varnishes ahoy! I had Boots points to spend so got two Barry M varnishes (Emerald Green & Mint Green) basically for free, and then used the £5 off No7 products voucher I had to get the lovely teal nail varnish (Totally Teal) for £1.25. Good old Boots. I do enjoy this kind of shopping.

And because this post is a bit of a mish-mash, I thought I'd chuck in a few thoughts about a film (Green Zone, which I went to see last night) as well. I won't glorify my thoughts by calling them a film review, I'm not that coherent!

I should probably start by saying that Matt Damon is the founding member and No 1 name on my Sturdy List. I absolutely love him so would have probably enjoyed the film had it been utter tosh, just because it gave me a chance to look at him on a huge screen for 90-odd minutes. I am also extremely partial to a man in uniform. Oh, and I love war programmes and films (my all time favourite piece of television drama being the BBC programme Warriors - it may be tricky to track down on DVD as it was only released in Holland for some bizarre reason but I can't recommend it strongly enough) so I was always predisposed to enjoy this.

Having said all that, it was so enjoyable - a proper, intelligent, action film. As you'd expect, lots of soldiers running around and lots of shooting, but the director knows how to make a good film so it didn't fall into the trap of pointless, unbelievable sequences that seem to be a feature of so many films in this genre. It was the perfect Friday night film - I just sat back and let all the action wash over me. The acting's good, the plot zips along and it's really quite thought provoking, especially about WMD and behind the scenes power struggles. So, I recommend you go and see it!

And just to finish up with, a random photo of the stairs in my house as it amuses me. Not that I'm prone to leaving my shoes lying around all the time or anything...


  1. That skirt is pretty and bang on trend for spring. That picture of the shoes is hilarious! x

  2. I am so hoping my crappy local boots has that nail polish in on monday so I can use my voucher! It can be my frugal post doctors treat (instead of hitting new look like normal haha) x

  3. Those earrings are really cute, & I think that bag is rather amazing - particularly for £1!

  4. Very pretty skirt and earrings and bag and nail polishes...I love it all :)

    I also saw green zone this week and like you found it vry thought provoking, whether the iraq war was really about WMD or whether the US wanted control over the oil fields etc...anyway bit deep for a sat even xx

  5. I love Barry M nail varnishes, they always have great colours! Makes me very happy.

  6. That bag will go with absolutely everything, what a bargain! Your stairs made me laugh as well x

  7. Thanks for the comment - I'm afraid it was from Ethel Austin, which is sadly no more!
    I got it the day before it shut, so I was glad I'd bothered to have a look in the nearly empty shop :)

  8. The bag is lovely Alex and what a bargain! Pretty little skirt you picked up as well. I agree tesco is hit or miss but you can find some wee gems as you have done. x

  9. Great bag Alex. I'm a bit funny about skirts too, I much prefer a dress because you don't have to work out what top to wear! The earrings are now on my wish list!
    Vicki xxx

  10. The bag is a great score,sweetie!!
    I'm funny about skirts too-I'm short waisted,so they always end up under my boobies!Frocks are so much easier.
    Love those nail varnishes,great colours!

  11. Barry M nailvarnishes are the best! I have never thought to look in Tesco for clothing, good idea!

  12. You're a little mind reader you are! I photographed my shoes on the stairs yesterday, too.
    Love your bag and we have the same emerald Barry M polish. Can't believe your Tesco bargains.
    Matt Damon is a god in the acting world, Dogma, Bourne, Syriana, Oceans Eleven. He just seems to improve.


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