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Barcode or Missoni?

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Just a quick post this evening as I'm going swimming later on and I'm currently occupied watching the football and hurling ranty comments at the Liverpool players for their inability to win a match. Must calm down a little.

Anyhow, today's outfit?

Dress - Per Una, Leggings - Evans, Pumps - New Look, Bangle - Shared Earth

I happen to rather love this dress - so pretty and soft and cosy to wear. Opinion seems to be mixed amongst my colleagues. One went "ooh, very Missoni" , another said "You look like a walking barcode" (I think he meant it in a nice way?) It doesn't half cling though. I'm totally control underwear-ed up underneath it and I still feel very tummy conscious. Feck it though, I like this dress and I'm going to wear it.

I will give the pumps a rest next week. I wanted to wear my polka dot shoes today, just for a complete mismatch of patterns, but alas I'm suffering with blisters on my toes as a result of wearing brogues with no tights underneath at the weekend and high heels aren't an option at the moment as they hurt too much. Bah.

I'm currently rocking this stylish footwear:


  1. Definately more Missoni than barcode. Tut tut, blokes, eh? Great outfit, no signs of any clinginess and those leggings look fab worn over your heels.
    Hope your poor feet get better soon and loving the starry slippers.

  2. Such cute slippers! I love the iconic Missoni stripes and think your dress is the perfect tribute. :)

  3. Lovely dress Alex, not in the slightest reminiscent of a barcode (what are your co-workers on?!)

    I would totally break my neck in those slippers. They're very cute, though. xx

  4. I really like that dress - it would fit in nicely with my wardrobe!
    I'm sure the barcode comment was meant in a nice way.. men are just a bit rubbish at that kinda thing!
    I'm quite jealous of your very cute slippers - I'm looking at my boring grey ones in a very different way now!

  5. Your slippers are way cute.

    and the dress is lovely, really suits you.

    And boo to blisters


  6. haha love your dress and cute slippers!

  7. yay i like that dress, defintely cute!! and the slippers look nice and comfy to save your poor feet..i think my feet are startiong to suffer after being forced to wear shoes which don't quite fit for so long :(

  8. The dress is lovely.... barcode indeed!?! idiots!

    Cute slippers.


  9. I love the dress and oh god those slippers <3

  10. I love that dress too and you wear it so well x

  11. You look great - hurrah for control pants!! I'm so happy for you with all your new lovely clothes, they all look so good.
    And thank you for the lovely award, I've got to catch up on everyone's blogs first before I update mine but I will do the bag thing!
    Vicki xxx


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